All New Racing Miku 2014 Plushie and Prize Figure Announced

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Two all-new Racing Miku 2014 goods have popped up recently, with only some details regarding their upcoming release. These include a plushie, as well as a new prize machine figure. The plushie was teased at the recent Good Smile Racing celebration party, where some fans snapped pictures of the plushie.

The only details known so far are that the manufacturer GIFT plans to sell the plushie at the upcoming Comiket 87 this December, at booth 412 for all three days (December 28th~30th). The price is set at 3,000 Yen. Further release details are currently unknown, and we’re not sure if it will be a C87 exclusive. GIFT’s C87 announcement page:

Lastly, we have a prize machine figure based on an original illustration by Oguchi, the official illustrator of Racing Miku 2014. This figure was manufactured by Banpresto, and stands at 18cm tall. The exact machines the figure can be found in is not yet announced, but it should be a crane-style machine, which typically cost 100 Yen per play. The launch date is set for January 2015.

The official product page can be found here:

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd Now Released in North America! MikuFan Game Code Giveaway!

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The day many Hatsune Miku fans in North America have been waiting for (and soon Europe!) is finally here! Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd has landed on store shelves and on the PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. You can read SEGA’s blog post about the launch here:

It is likely that many of you have already grabbed a copy yourselves, or perhaps obtained a Japanese copy of the game. But if you have not had the chance yet, then we have a special giveaway for our followers, thanks to SEGA!

We will be giving away six game download codes for Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd on the PS3 and Vita for North America and Europe! To participate, we would like to hear from fans why they love Hatsune Miku. Participation is as simple as leaving a comment as your entry in the comments below, or on our Facebook post, but check the image below for the full details! Entries not following all rules will be discarded.

Submissions will end on November 22nd at 2:00 PM PST (GMT-8), and we will contact the winners shortly afterwards. Good luck! And to all other Project Diva players out there, thanks for showing your support, and keep those fingers tapping! And don’t worry, Europe, your release comes on November 21st!

Click for larger image.

Snow Miku Sky Town To Open at New Chitose Airport in Japan This December

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Starting this December, any Hatsune Miku fans visiting the New Chitose airport in Japan for the Winter will be able to visit a sort of Snow Miku exhibition-type event called the “Snow Miku Sky Town”, which will be held in the terminal 4 domestic area.

The Snow Miku Sky Town will have 3 attractions for tourists, which consists of the following:

The museum area is planned to have a life-sized Snow Miku statue on display, along with various Snow Miku goods and artworks. Check it out and learn more about the history of Snow Miku!

This special theater area offers a 360 degree viewing experience of the beautiful landscape of Hokkaido!

Find exclusive shop-only goods that can’t be found anywhere else!

The exact date of the launch is not yet announced, and neither is the ending date. So be sure to keep an eye out for updates. Visit the official Snow Miku Sky Town website here:

In the meantime, the New Chitose airport seems to be celebrating early, as the digital signs throughout the location are showing various Hatsune Miku illustrations, while also playing music. Many videos of these can be found on twitter, and below is one example from @kno2502. You can also see all illustrations listed here:

Victory! GSR Releases Commemorative Goods, GearTribe Hatsune Miku Figure Preorders Open

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To celebrate Good Smile Racing’s championship victory yesterday in the GT 300 class of Super GT, the Good Smile Racing global shop is now offering a selection of commemorative goods and gear. Shirts, hats, keychains, wristbands and more are up for grabs in limited quantities, starting today. A great way to remember and celebrate this victory!

Reservations will be open until December 1st, and will ship sometime later in December. 2014 victory products page:

Also up for preorder starting today is the GearTribe Hatsune Miku GT Project 2014 ver. transforming figure! Teased earlier this year with concept art and a promotional video, this figure is based on a design drawn by Shoji Kawamori, a largely popular mecha designer.

The figure is available exclusively from Good Smile Company’s online shop for 8000 Yen ($70 USD), and preorders will be accepted until December 10th at 9:00 PM JST. The expected shipment period is scheduled for April 2015.

GearTribe Hatsune Miku ver. Product Page:

Snow Miku 2015 Nendoroid & Figma & Tram Revealed

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Earlier today, Miku fans in Sapporo get to witness an early preview of the Snow Miku 2015 tram, as well as the nendoroid and figma. The tram will start operating from November 17th 2014 to March 29th 2015. The full operation schedule of the tram can be found here:

Along with the tram preview today, we also get to have an early look at Snow Miku 2015 nendoroid and figma officially under the name “Snow Bell ver.”. Additionally, this is the second Snow Miku figma ever ceeated. Details on the first Snow Miku figma can be found in our previous article.

Preorders for the figures were announced for February 2015, and typically open in mid-February after the Winter Wonder festival ends.

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