2015 Hatsune Miku Piapro Calendars Still In Stock, Don’t Miss Them!

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Although they’ve been released since last October, the 2015 Hatsune Miku Piapro calendars are still on stock at a few online retailers. These calendars come in two sizes, and feature 12 full illustrations by various artists, and chibi art as well.

Participating illustrators: Fujichoco / Buta / TNSK / iXima / Shiwasutakashi / Yua / Osamu / KEI / comet / so-bin / Chamoi / Nekozakana / Yunii / Tamago Yukino

The large calendar is A2 poster-sized (approximately 42cm X 60cm or 16.5in x 24in), and includes a set of calendar schedule stickers. If you don’t have the wall space to spare, or would prefer something smaller, there is a desktop sized version as well.

As a bonus for Good Smile Racing fans, we also found the A2 size 2015 Racing Miku calendar in stock! This calendar features 7 illustrations (cover + 6 pages) of various 2014 Racing Miku artworks. All calendars can be found from the links below. Prices vary by site. Have a happy 2015, everyone!

Life Sized Snow Miku Statue and Snow Miku AR Stage Revealed at Snow Miku Sky Town

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The Snow Miku Sky Town exhibition event started today at New Chitose airport, to the delight of many eagerly awaiting fans. Thanks to them, we have the first photos of some of the event’s attractions. Some of these include the life-sized Snow Miku statue, as well as the special Snow Miku AR stage for Hatsune Miku AhR.

Up first are some photos of the Snow Miku life-sized statue, thanks to @kno2502 and @phaius66 on twitter.

Second, we have photos of the AR stage (thanks to @phaius66), which is designed to be used with Hatsune Miku AhR to trigger a special live performance, and also unlock a special Snow Miku model! To make the performance work, you must launch the app, then go to the “info” page, then tap the “ARモード” button. Give it a few seconds to load, point it at the marker and enjoy!

Hint: Try using the photo to watch the performance on the app!

Snow Miku Sky Town Opens December 20th, Additional Exhibition Events Detailed

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The opening date of the Snow Miku Sky Town exhibition event at the New Chitose airport has finally been announced for December 20th! To learn about previously announced details, please read our previous article.

Along with the launch date, the opening commemoration events have been announced. These include:

■ An exhibition display of the Snow Miku edition Daihatsu Mira Cocoa.
■ A special AR stage for Hatsune Miku AhR, which takes advantage of a hidden surprise added to the ver. update.
■ A “three-dimensional painted picture” of Snow Miku, exclusively for Sky Town. (The naming of this has me curious.)
■ Papercraft production activities.
■ A large selection of shop-exclusive goods. Please view all available items here: http://snowmiku.com/skytown/goods.html

The above events will take place at the Terminal 2F(Domestic) center plaza, while the previously announced events and exhibitions will still take place at Terminal 4F (Domestic). The hours of operation are 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM for Terminal 2F, and 10:00 AM until 8:00 PM for Terminal 4F.

The Snow Miku Sky Town events will come to a close at the end of December 25th, Christmas day.

Hatsune Miku: Ebata Risa Ver. 1/7 Scale Figure Revealed, Preorders Begin On December 24th

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Today’s announcement live stream from Good Smile Company brought us news many of us were waiting for, the details on Hatsune Miku: Ebata Risa Ver figure! She was first showcased at the Summer Wonder Festival in July, and now we’re finally getting more details on her. The figure will be available for preorder starting from December 24th. While the price and release date were not mentioned in the stream, we can expect to see them later on the preorder date.




Source: FigSoku

COSPA Announces New Version 2 Hatsune Miku V3, Kaito and Meiko Apparel and Decor

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Some of you may remember our previous announcement of the first round of Hatsune Miku V3 merchandise offered by COSPA. They have just announced a second wave of new Miku V3 merch, and since Kaito and Meiko have both since gotten their own V3 release, they also have goods included in this announcement!

The list of items include full-graphic T-shirts, tapestries and straps. The delivery time varies between February and March 2015, depending on the item. As a reminder, Japanese sizes differ from U.S. sizes. A Japanese XL is the same size as a U.S. Large, and a Japanese Medium is the same size as a U.S. Small, etc. Prorders don’t have an actual end date, and will close once the order limits are reached.

Hatsune Miku V3 Shirt ver.2.0 (Full Graphic)

Expected Ship Date: Early March 2015
Order From CDJapan (6000 Yen): S | M | L | XL
Order from Amiami (6480 Yen): S | M | L | XL


Hatsune Miku V3 Shirt ver.2.0 (Black & White)

Expected Ship Date: Mid-February 2015
Order From CDJapan (2900 Yen): S | M | L | XL
Order from Amiami (3132 Yen): S | M | L | XL


Hatsune Miku V3 Tapestry ver.2.0

Expected Ship Date: Late February 2015
Order from CDJapan (3800 Yen): [Link]
Order from Amiami (4104 Yen): [Link]


Hatsune Miku V3 Strap and Messenger Bag ver.2.0

Expected Ship Dates: Late February 2015 (Strap) and Mid-February (Bag)
Order from CDJapan: Strap (800 Yen) | Messenger Bag (4200 Yen)
Order from Amiami: Strap (864 Yen) | Messenger Bag (4536 Yen)

Of course, we did mention matching merchandise releases for Meiko and Kaito, and here they are:

Kaito V3 merchandise on CDJapan: [Link]
Kaito V3 merchandise on Amiami: [Link]
Meiko V3 marchandise on CDJapan: [Link]
Meiko V3 merchandise on Amiami: [Link]

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