Miku Expo Exhibition Event Locations Announced for Los Angeles and New York

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The details regarding the Exhibition events for Miku Expo in both Los Angeles and New York have been released, and reveals some exciting details unique to each location. For Los Angeles, the exhibition will be held at the Los Angeles Center Studios from October 11th~12th, and Wallplay in New York from October 9th~19th. Entrance to both events will be free to the public.

Los Angeles Art Exhibition Details: This event is held as a Japanese Matsuri-styled festival event, with an art exhibition around the universe of Hatsune Miku, featuring a selection of gorgeous artworks by popular artists, and centered around a special Halloween-themed space. Exclusive items will be on sale at the shop to make for a fun and original Halloween celebration. [Link]

New York Art Exhibition Details: A selection of cool and exclusive artworks and posters featuring the universe of Hatsune Miku, showcasing different aspects of the culture that she initiated in her native Japan and that is now taking on the world. Some of the posters exhibited are on sale at the venue. [Link]

It has also been revealed that an official Hatsune Miku Halloween version nendoroid (based on the illustration above) will be on sale this fall, and sold at both Miku Expo venues. Although they did not directly reveal what the nendoroid looks like, a tweet from Hama at Good Smile Company gave us a hint at what we can expect, and says the nendoroid will be fully revealed at Magical Mirai in Osaka later this month.

This previously unknown nendoroid revealed at the Good Smile Company live stream last May will be the upcoming Nendoroid: Hatsune Miku Halloween version.

Backside view of upcoming Nendoroid: Hatsune Miku Halloween version.

SEGA Announces Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd Global Release Dates And Preorder Bonuses

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SEGA of America has announced today the release dates for Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd in Western countries: November 18th, 2014 for North and Latin Americas, and November 21st for the rest of the world.

SEGA also detailed the preorder bonuses. Fans who preorder from select game retailers around the world will receive the “Americana” module, based on the outfit design by Exiled-Artist for the Piapro collaboration for the 2011 San Francisco JPOP Summit Festival.

All gamestop preorders will include the Americana module, as well as the Extra Character pack for Akita Neru, Yowane Haku and Teto Kasane. Even if you don’t preorder, SEGA promises the Extra Character pack will be free for those who already own the pack on the previous Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F for PS3 or Vita.

Max Factory’s Hatsune Miku Mikuzukin Ver. 1/7 Scale Figure Available For Preorder

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Good Smile Company has opened reservations today for the 1/7 scale Hatsune Miku Mikuzukin ver. figure by Max Factory. This figure was originally sculpted by Grizzry Panda, and is based on the highly popular module (outfit) from “Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 2nd” on the PSP. The figure retains all the details of the original costume design, even the cute little wolf atop her head.

The figure is priced at 12,800 Yen ($126 USD), and is available from Good Smile Company’s online shop. It can also be found from Amiami for 9,960 Yen ($98 USD). The expected shipment schedule is set for sometime in January 2015.

Official Hatsune Miku Panel to be Hosted by Crypton Future Media at Fan Expo Canada

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Click to view official Fan Expo site

As a quick heads up to Hatsune Miku fans in Canada: Crypton Future Media will be hosting an official panel at Fan Expo later this month. They will be screening media (content unknown), and giving away prizes. A pair of tickets to Miku Expo in New York City is also up for grabs. The exact date and time of the panel is not yet announced, so be sure to follow Fan Expo for upcoming updates.

UPDATE: The panel will take place at 12:15 PM on Sunday, August 31st.

MikuFan Interview With Vocaloid Producer Tripshots

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Tripshots is a long standing contributing artist to Vocaloid in both music and outstanding CGI animation work. His animations in particular continued to set new benchmarks for years to follow, and have been widely publicized across the web as representations of what the Vocaloid community creates. For many fans today, works like Nebula or Gift nor Art can be recognized as the video that attracted them to the Vocaloid culture.

An interesting trait of Tripshots’ personality is his openness towards overseas fans of his work, something that we would like to see from many more Vocaloid producers in the future. After Tripshots kindly agreed to our interview request, we proceeded to gather questions from Vocaloid fans from around the world. So we’d like to thank everyone for their contributions! Special thanks to Descent87 for providing translations for the interview.

Tripshots Official Site: http://www.tripshots.net/
Tripshots Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/tripshots
Tripshots Official YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/Tripshots

MikuFan: Good evening, and thank you for accepting! I’ve been a follower of your work for many years. We have also gathered many questions from fans overseas.

Tripshots: I’m truly grateful to have so many fans who are interested in me and my work.

MikuFan: The first question is one that almost everyone would like to know the answer to: How did you discover Vocaloid, and what inspired you to become involved?

Tripshots: The first time I heard about Vocaloid was through a news article. I noticed a name I had never seen before, “Hatsune Miku”. As a Japanese person, seeing a name I had never seen before perked my interested and I read the article. The article basically spoke about how Hatsune Miku was the face of a new vocal synthesizer software that had gained considerable popularity on video sharing sites.

MikuFan: Ahh, I see. (This had happened within a mere couple month of Miku’s software release, her popularity had unexpectedly exploded in Japan)

Tripshots: I had already had some interest in this kind of technology and was already aware of Meiko’s release. However having listened to her demo songs, I felt that she still sounded too mechanical. However when I listened to Hatsune Miku’s demo work, I was truly surprised and excited by the amount of expressiveness in her voice and found myself wanting to try and work with her.

MikuFan: Hatsune Miku’s voice was truly captivating for many people.

Tripshots: I was especially impressed when I heard OSTER Project’s work.

MikuFan: Ah, OSTER Project! She is a very early Vocaloid producer.

Tripshots: Saying that, I basically mean to say that she was the culprit (joking) who helped drag me into the world of Vocaloid. (more…)

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