Nov 272015

Beginning today, overseas reservations for Snow Miku 2016 tour packages are now open! Rooms and event reservations are already selling out quickly, so hop to it if you’re planning a trip! Reservation options include flights, hotels, Snow Miku Nendoroid and Figma (additional fee for Figma), Snow Miku 2016 Remix music download through SONOCA, and a live DJ event.

Official event registration page:

Also announced today is a collaboration with the Norbesa shop in Sapporo for the 2nd year running. The Snow Miku wrapped ferris wheel will be making a return to the location beginning December 1st, and will remain available until March 31st. The ride fee is 1,000 Yen, and includes a memorial sticker.

Nov 262015

The winners of the Hatsune Miku Expo song contest have finally been announced! First up on the list is the grand prize winner, Circus-P for his song “Ten Thousand Stars”! The grand prize includes 30,000 Yen in products from Sonicwire, tickets to a location where the song will be performed, as well as his song being featured at one (or more) of the concerts in North America!

There are also two runner-ups, who have won 20,000 Yen in products from Sonicwire for their contributions. These include “Together, Make The Magic!” by Xyao-Ming, and “Constellation” by ϕrkestrate.

Lastly, there are two honorable mention winners. While there was no prize for getting an honorble mention, they were still note-worthy entries. These honorable mentions include “ALL IS MUSIC!” by YZYX, and “MikuMambo” by AlexTrip Sands.

Congratulations to all music contest participants!

Nov 202015

With the Snow Miku themed tram car scheduled to commence its touring operations in Sapporo tomorrow, today is the day for the designs for the car, nendoroid and figma to be revealed! Official sources (Goodsmile Company), as well as fans have been quick to post photos and videos to twitter, which we’ll summarize below. The figma and nendoroid will also be on display inside the tram car itself during its operation.

The Snow Miku 2016 Snow Owl ver. nendoroid features hinged joints (a feature not seen since the Snow Miku 2011 nendoroid), snow goggles, and a knitted cap made of real fabric! The figma also appears to be quite flexible, but seemingly lacks any frabric materials. International preorders for the figures should open after the Winter Wonfes ends in mid-February, although visitors of the Snow Festival in Sapporo have the chance to obtain them at the event, months earlier than anywhere else.

An all new Snow Mikudayo made an appearance in her typical scary-yet-cute Mikudayo fashion, and was happy to pose with fans in front of the tram. Lastly, the interior of the tram was also decorated with various Snow Miku commodities, including a poster teasing the new Snow Miku 2016 module for Project Diva Arcade!

Nov 192015

An update to the official Snow Miku 2016 website has announced the guest DJs for the Snow Festival’s dance event, titled “Beat Blizzard”. The dance will be open from February 6th~7th at the Sound Lab Mole venue. However, the DJ list will vary for each performance, as well as the entry fee.

February 6th, 2016 (Noon Performance)
OPEN 12:00/START 13:00 (2500 Yen, All Standing)

February 6th, 2016 (Evening Performance)
OPEN 17:00/START 18:00 (2500 Yen, All Standing)

February 7th, 2016 (Noon Performance)
OPEN 12:00/START 13:00 (3500 Yen, All Standing)

Lottery sales for the dance tickets will begin on November 27th, 2016 on the Snow Miku website (maximum of 2 tickets per person), with general sales opening after lottery sales are closed (exact end date for lottery sales not yet specified).

Lastly, the first promotional video for the Snow Miku 2016 festival has been uploaded to the official Hatsune Miku YouTube channel, featuring 60 seconds of a new theme song titled “Before The Snow Melts”, composed by the popular Vocaloid producer Doriko! Enjoy the video below.

Nov 192015

SEGA has released an in-dept details for the Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X today. The main focus will be at the new system, the Live Quest mode. We’ll also go over some old details for better understanding.

The game will set a starting point in the NEUTRAL area, whereas the total areas will count up to five: NEUTRAL, CUTE, COLD, BEAUTY, and CHAOS. Each areas has its own “gem”, and we’ll go over that in a moment. Aside from the quests is the “Home” where players can discuss the current progress, objectives, and other topics with the characters. The tones change according to the modules selected.

In the Live Quest Mode, room items, accessories, and modules (Module Drop) can be unlocked by completing quests. Meeting the minimum Voltage value in quests will mark them as completed. This is where the “gem” comes into play: Filling the “gem” with Voltage to full will unlock the next area of choice. Modules and accessories of matching attributes will allow boost in the Voltage rate. In addition, certain modules will have skills to increase the Voltage rate.

Once all songs are completed in the area, a special medley song will be unlocked as an opportunity to gain a leap in Voltage stored. The medley song for NEUTRAL area is “Hajimari no Medley: Primary Colors” arranged by OSTER project, and features “Koisuru VOC@LOID”, “Dreaming Leaf -Dreaming Words-”, “Bad Mood Waltz,” and “Miracle Paint“. The medley song will start off with one character (Miku), then slowly adds more until all six are performing on the stage together.

In addition to the details on Live Quest mode, SEGA has revealed 4 new songs and their modules for the game: “Streaming Heart” by DECO*27 (CHAOS), “Amazing Dolce” by HitoshizukuP x yama△ (BEAUTY),  “Sea Lily Deep Sea Tale” by n-buna (CUTE), and “Slow Motion” by PinocchioP (CHAOS).

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X will be released on PS4 and PS Vita in Fall 2016 and March 2016, respectively. This update has also been brought to the official website (Japanese).