Nov 032012

I thought I’d make a little comic out of this. Click the image for the full size version.


  • Faux Pas

    The family is growing! I’d love to get FamilyMart Miku and Snow Miku 2011 (2012?), but I don’t think that’s possible (or is it? (o.O))
    This is a great comic; have you considered doing them on a more regular basis? I’d certainly enjoy reading them! (^ ^)

  • jrharbort

    @Faux Pas: It’s the 2012 snow miku nendo. Pre-orders for it ended back in February 2012, so it’s only possible to obtain it through resellers (for a very high price). But be careful, there’s bootlegs. The Family Mart nendo is very rare, and I don’t see myself being able to get one. As for more of these comics, I rarely get any creative streaks. But I’ll try.

  • VocaJezu

    It’s been a while since I played with cars last time 😉

    And I love that comic, so adorable <3

  • Nobody

    Left to right or right to left? So confusing %\

  • Miku-chan

    OMG xD