Mar 312017

After careful planning and consideration, MikuFan will now become IAFan, your #1 fan source for IA news and resources! Our new header art comes courtesy of Raestu Dwiatmaja, a talented artist from Indonesia. Check out more of his art on his Instagram! →

IA is the first Vocaloid created by 1st Place, and was released on the VOCALOID3 engine in early 2012 as the first vocal of their “-ARIA ON THE PLANETES-” project. Her voice bank samples were created using vocal data from popular singer Lia, from which IA also gets her name. In 2014, she received an additional voice bank release titled IA ROCKS, which gave the voice a feeling of power, and made it better suited towards rock style songs.

Over 15,000 songs have been created with IA’s software to date, she’s starred in her own music game IA/VT Colorful, and she has also performed live in concert at Anime Expo 2015! The recent 「PARTY A GO-GO」 live concert in Japan was the first in her own home country, with its own DVD and Blu-Ray release. Check out the trailer below!

Special thanks to these artists that also offered to help with our new project:

Dr. SwissCheesy:

Mar 312017

The Hatsune Miku: Magical Mirai 2017 concept art has been released! The key visual this year is designed by iXima, the official illustrator behind Hatsune Miku V3 and V4X boxart. With the release of the spectacular design in details, now is your chance to prepare your cosplay and fanart!

The design from last year’s event received an overwhelming amount of fanart, and we’re looking forward to see more competition this year! View the full resolution image on the official site!

e.d. The notes in the lower right of the art mention the part highlighted in purple are the parts of the shirt that have “some thickness”.

Mar 302017

We have special news for Hatsune Miku fans attending AnimeBoston this weekend! ChinAnime and Moesyoujyo will be presenting many popular artworks by renowned illustrator Rella! Known by many for her breathtaking illustrations, Rella is also the designer of the beautiful Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Harvest Moon ver. outfit! Rella herself unfortunately cannot be at the con, but all 4 of her books, as well as posters of 33 of her artworks will be available.

Followers of will receive special discounts on posters, and you can also enter for a chance to win a free poster! Just follow these rules:

BUY 1 GET 1 FREE POSTER at the booth at 2~3 PM every day.
Follow on facebook to active this deal.

30 free posters will be given out at the convention. 3 free posters at each giveaway time.
Email at each giveaway time below to enter. Winners will receive a reply by email.
Friday (March 31st) Give Away Time: 12:00PM, 3:00PM, 7:00PM
Saturday (April 1st) Give Away Time: 10:00AM, 12:00PM, 3:00PM, 7:00PM
Sunday (April 2nd) Give Away Time: 12:00PM, 3:00PM, 7:00PM

Additionally, you can use the above image as a coupon to get all 4 art books for a special discount. Have fun at AnimeBoston!

Mar 272017

If you love Hatsune Miku, as well as Sony Xperia phones (this writer sure does!), then this newest release in Sony Xperia’s collaboration with Hatsune Miku will tickle your fancy: Official TPU cases for Sony’s latest Xperia lineup featuring Hatsune Miku V3 and V4X artwork by iXima!

As part of Sony’s “Voices 39” promotion campaign, three new TPU smartphone cases were announced and released for three of Sony’s smartphones: The Xperia XZ, Xperia X performance, and the X Compact. The Xperia XZ case should also be compatible with the soon-releasing Xperia XZs due to having the same body as the current model.


Currently, the cases are available in Japan via the newly-launched Xperia Cover Store, and Gain Garage for 2462 Yen ($23 USD) each. These stores only ship to Japan addresses, so a friend or proxy will be needed to order them. But if you spot these on a more overseas-friendly site, let us know via our contact page!

Mar 262017

There are now two major standout events every year for Hatsune Miku fans to look forward to: Magical Mirai and Snow Miku. While Magical Mirai is enjoyed in a very specific location that may change from year to year, Snow Miku has been celebrated all over the city of Sapporo since her adoption as a Snow Festival mascot in 2010, and has even spread to neighboring cites!

Last year we only had a brief stay, and didn’t enjoy everything Snow Miku had to offer. But this year, we had the chance to explore all events and locations. They even included a stamp ralley event so you can mark the locations you’ve visited. Here’s our photo report of the event!

Collaboration Foods

Many of the small cafes and restaurants partner up with Snow Miku to serve unique food dishes. You could find dishes of all kinds: Drinks, pasta, curry, pancakes, all of which were delicious! My favorite had to be the curry and naan bread from the restaurant found inside the Sapporo Factory Atrium.


Snow Miku Sky Town

The Snow Miku Sky Town shop is established as a permanent store inside the New Chitose airport. You’ll find many collaboration goods, a life sized statue, a small Snow Miku museum display, and an Animate! store just around the corner with even more goods! These locations are likely where you’ll get your first few stamps when you arrive in Sapporo.

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