Dec 152016

The 3rd and final stage release for Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live is now released! This marks the completion of the PlayStation VR title for the PlayStation 4, which was recently recognized by Sony for its revolutionary take on the PlayStation VR platform.

You can grab the 3rd stage pack for $14.99 from the PlayStation Store, or simply download it if you grabbed the Season Pass package for $39.99, which grants access to all 21 songs from the 3 stages.

The 3rd Stage contains the following tracks:
  • Raspberry * Monster  – by HoneyWorks
  • Amazing Dolce – by Hitoshizuku & Yama
  • Sweet Devil – by Hachioji P
  • Erase or Zero – by Crystal P
  • Beginning Medley – Primary Colors – by OSTER project
  • Name of the Sin – by ryo (supercell)
  • The First Sound – by malo

There’s also a free demo available for the game, if you’re still unsure about getting it! It contains a tutorial, and “Weekender girl” by kz and HachiojiP.

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  • Erick G. Ocampo

    Now that I have the full game i need the actual VR headset to enjoy Miku right in front of me, and maybe get a cheeky panty shot. XD

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  • Just to let you know that Miku is wearing the Neru bicycle short shorts in Future Live, the panty shots can be seen in the VR Mode of Project Diva X before the censor black outline shades the entire character. If you’re quick enough with the timing and photo capture/pause button, the details is quite amazing 😀

  • Erick G. Ocampo

    I knew this since the game came out I do my research before. XD

  • Chad Cat Black Russ

    I just finished playing stage 2 ^^ its sooo amazing how miku and the other vocaloids are Right infront of you every second of the game i felt i was at Miku’s live concert it felt so real!

  • Robert Bourne

    Absolutely loving hatsune miku future live hope see more from this absolutely amazing ex