And the Winning 2014 Snow Miku Design Is…

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Just announced in the recent nicovideo livestream event was the winning 2014 Snow Miku design, as well as the winning pet design that will accompany her. The designs were chosen by fans by using a voting system on the live stream itself. Selection boxes appeared over each choice, and the votes (clicks) were tallied.

The winners of the event are the #8 finalist of the Snow Miku design contest, and the #7 finalist for the associated pet that will also be included with her design. The theme of next year’s design was “magic”, and required that all design entries of Miku included a wand.

Congratulations to both winners! Now comes the long wait before the designs are refined and finally processed for creating a Nendoroid. You can view larger and more detailed images of the winning designs from here (Miku) and here (pet).


  • Faux Pas

    Kawaii (><)! Definitely a great voting result. Can't wait to see the refined design and make my preorder!!

  • faTWave

    WoooOww, absolutely FANTASTIC!

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