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hatsune miku figureDue to the insane popularity of the Hatsune Miku figures it probably was only a question of time until bootleg copies appear. It seems like currently there is a big flood of fake Hatsune Miku figures appearing on eBay and the like.

Mikufan reader Sarah has sent in an email regarding this after receiving a bootleg figure herself. We will try to write up a guide on how to recognize fake figures soon, until then please be careful when purchasing any figure on eBay or a similar online auction place.

Since Christmas is around the corner and some of you might want to pick up a figure try to pay attention to the following points:

  • Ask the seller for additional higher quality photos different from the ones listed in the auction
  • Compare the art, text and images on the packaging to the original
  • Pay close attention to details on the figures – There should be no rough parts or scuffmarks
  • Pay attention to the price – if something looks too good to be true, then it probably is
  • Avoid sellers from Hong Kong and China and Thailand, unless they are willing to provide further details and pictures regarding the figures

We will keep you updated on this topic as soon as more information comes in.

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  • Bounce

    Remember kiddies, if it comes from China, Hong Kong or Taiwan, you are more than likely getting a bootleg. Not hating, it’s just that these places are well known for such things, ecpesially with anime figures of any kind.
    Pay the extra cash for shipping and get it from Japan. You know it’s the real deal then and you’ll be a happy buyer. MIKU MIKU!!!

  • Nick

    Getting it from a ‘Japan’ seller on ebay or similar is not always a guaranteed real figure:

    1) You can register your ebay account in whatever country you want with little effort

    2) There are bootleg sellers working out of Japan nowadays

    Always beware of too good to be true deals, and don’t buy figures on ebay in general 🙂

  • jinx626

    Some other things to look out for. Ask for pictures of the hologram sticker that is featured on a majority of products by figure makers. However, some companies like Kotobobukiya, movic, megahouse, and figures that have been allowed to be distributed in US by companies such as AAA don’t feature stickers on some of their products.

    Here is an article that is a good read on this sort of issue.

    Golden rule though is if its too good to be true it probably is.

    Also stick with websites such as HLJ, hobbysearch, kidnemo, toyslogic. There are also some reputable sellers on Ebay but they are far and few. Generally, try to avoid ebay unless you are desperate.

  • unico


    The many figures and toys from Anime you see, are manufactured in China, but designed by Japanese.
    Look at the box.

    What ends up happening, is that that China gets the mold the model was from.