Aug 192017

If you remember or were a contributor of the kickstarter campaign for the Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary advertisement project, you’ll be happy to hear the advertisements are now live at the Samseong station of Gang-Nam, Seoul, Korea!

Image tweets and even videos are now available, showing off the final product of everyone’s contribution. Some screens are dedicated to various Hatsune Miku illustrations, while others show an adorable ApiMiku MMD animation. There’s also a screen scrolling the names of the campaign’s contributors. Check out the images from the tweet above, and the videos below!

EDIT: The campaign organizers have notified us that the videos displayed are not final, and 3 new video adverts will be on display next week!

Aug 182017

Today’s news update for Hatsune Miku: Magical 2017 was a big one! The exhibition map has been released, event live streaming plans were announced, autograph sessions with HachiojiP and Doriko, goods updates, Magical Mirai 2017 album benefits, and finally the cosplay show participation details! Check out the info below:

Exhibition Map

Check out the exhibition floor map below! This will come in handy when looking for your favorite vendors at the event.

Event Streaming

On September 2nd, TOKYO MX plans to stream and hour and a half of live footage of the exhibition, along with the following special guest appearances:

  • Saki Fujita (Hatsune Miku CV)
  • Asami Shimoda (Kagamine Rin / Kagamine Len CV)
  • Kobayashi Onyx
  • Hachioji P
  • Doriko
  • Hiroshi Morita (TOKYOMX)

The stream will take place on TOKYO MX (MX1) broadcasting station.

HachiojiP & Doriko Autograph Sessions

Both HachiojiP and Doriko will be available for autograph sessions. Both will have unique requirements and bonuses. Check them out below!

HachiojiP Autograph Times

  • September 1st (Fri) 12:30, 15:45~, 17:00~
  • September 2nd (Sat) 11:00~, 14:30~
  • September 3rd (Sun) 11:00~, 14:30~, 16:30~

Must have ticket from album Last Dance Refrain (shipping August 30th)
Lottery with special prices will be available! Mobile batteries, phone rings, combs, and clear files available.

Doriko Autograph & Photo Times

  • September 1st (Fri) 13:30~, 14:30~
  • September 2nd (Sat) 12:00~, 13:00~, 17:15~
  • September 3rd (Sun) 12:00~, 13:30~, 15:30~

Receive special can badge exchange tickets and special participation tickets if you have any of the following Doriko albums with you: 「君のいない世界には音も色もない」 and 「doriko 10th anniversary tribute」.

Official Goods

11 new items have been added to the official Magical Mirai merchandise list! Here’s what’s added: Wall stickers, key cover, temporary tattoos, stamp/seal set, bandana, flake seal (stickers), face pouch/purse, character socks, marriage charms, official hat, full graphic pen case.

Magical Mirai 2017 Official Album Benefit

If you purchase the Magical Mirai 2017 Official Album at the venue, you will receive a limited clear file featuring art by Honwa (pictured above).

Cosplay Show Participation

Show Time: September 2nd @ 11:30~12:30
Ticket Application: 10:30 @ Creative Stage area
Event Detail: Read previous article here.
Rules: Please be dressed in your cosplay and arrive at the Creative Stage area prior to 10:30 AM to receive a show participation ticket. In the event many cosplayers join, tickets will be served on a first-come first-served basis. Characters allowed for cosplay will be limited to Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, Kaito, Meiko, and Kagamine Rin and Len, or any of their derived characters.

Via Magical Mirai news page

Aug 162017

Following up on our previous article, the goods for the Hatsune Miku x NewDays collaboration have been announced! Additionally, the exclusive JR Station outfit design for the Akihabara store has been revealed (seen above). From August 22nd until September 4th, the following goods will be available from participating NewDays convenience store locations: A4 size clear file sets, trading pin badges, pick sets, acrylic keychains, and rubber pass cases.

■Participating Stores (20 Locations)
Shinjuku Station NewDays Shinjuku
Ikebukuro Station NewDays Ikebukuro North Exit
Tokyo Station NewDays Keiyo Street
Akihabara Station NewDays Atre Akihabara
Akabane Station NewDays Akabane
Machida Station NewDays Machida
Hachioji Station NewDays Hachioji
Omiya Station NewDays Omiya
Higashikawaguchi Station NewDays Higashigakucho
Musashi Urawa Station NewDays Musashi Urawa
【Chiba Prefecture】
Chiba Station NewDays Perrier Chiba Central Ticket gate south
Maihama Station NewDays Maihama
Hiroshima Makuhari Station NewDays Kaihin Makuhari Central
【Kanagawa Prefecture】
Yokohama Station NewDays Yokohama North Exit
Kawasaki Station NewDays Kawasaki
Tsurumi Station NewDays Tsurumi West Exit
Kamoi Station NewDays Kamoi
Fujisawa Station NewDays Fujisawa
【Ibaraki Prefecture】
Mito Station NewDays Mini Mito 1
【Tochigi Prefecture】
Utsunomiya Station NewDays Utsunomiya Central

■Second Volume Exclusives (2 Locations)
A second volume of goods will be released exclusively to two of the above stores starting August 31st. These two stores will also offer benefits not available at other locations. The participating locations are the stores at Akihabara Station and Kaihin Makuhari Central. The following goods will be available from August 31st until September 4th: Storage container, large format multi-cloth, full graphic T-shirts, tote bags/rucksacks, B2-size tapestry, muffler towel, and mugs.

Aug 082017

Technology and Hatsune Miku enthusiasts can both appreciate the news of RICOH’s latest announcement for a special Hatsune Miku edition of their RICOH THETA SC 360 degree camera!

Originally launched in October 2016, RICOH launched the THETA SC to bring quality 360 degree photos and video to the masses. The “Type Hatsune Miku” edition plans to put a spin on the concept by adding special Hatsune Miku specific software features, not available on the standard models!

As part of Hatsune Miku’s 10th anniversary celebration, 3,939 units will be made available for preorder between September 1st and October 31st Japan time. This “RICOH THETA SC Type HATSUNE MIKU” is enclosed along with a dog tag key holder and an ABITAX special case inside a box illustrated by the illustrator fuzichoco.

01. Design

The camera comes with a “blue green” body, the theme color for Hatsune Miku, and a 10th anniversary logo and drawing by KEI, the Hatsune Miku’s original illustrator. Using a special manufacturing method referred to as “in-mold decoration”, we were able to clearly draw an illustration of Hatsune Miku along the curved surface of the THETA camera body. The camera is also accented with a power button that lights pink.

02. Special Shutter Sound

The shutter sound when shooting images has a special sound for “THETA SC Type HATSUNE MIKU”! It was produced in collaboration with Crypton Future Media, where the Hatsune Miku original shutter sound that can only be heard on this model was recorded.

03. ABITAX Special Case Suitable For THETA

This is a dedicated case in the special color of Hatsune Miku suited to carrying around THETA. The 100% wool soft case is handmade at each step by Japanese artisans using a special manufacturing method referred to as fulling.

Dog Tag Key Holder

This is a key holder with a dog tag along with a THETA logo charm and acrylic plate with Hatsune Miku illustration by fuzichoco. It is also a serial number* printed. This is special goods that can only be obtained with this “RICOH THETA SC Type HATSUNE MIKU”. *The last 4 digits of the THETA camera unit serial number (example: HM39390001 – HM39393939) are printed on the dog tag.

Edit App
RICOH THETA Type Hatsune Miku

This is a dedicated app developed for the current limited model. You can make Hatsune Miku appear in spherical images captured using this app, “RICOH THETA Type HATSUNE MIKU”. By using this app, you can have an unprecedented experience that allows you to make Hatsune Miku appear in the real world with you and share the image over an SNS.
*Even though it’s not officially announced, we know that Sorasu Software, the developer behind the highly popular Mikuture AR photo app is developing the special photo app for the THETA SC Type Hatsune Miku.

Main Visual

Illustrator: Fuzichoco
The main visual used for the “RICOH THETA SC Type HATSUNE MIKU” package was specially drawn by the well-known illustrator “fuzichoco” with a spherical image that can be captured with THETA as a motif. Here’s what she said regarding her passion for this artwork:

“I used posing that shows the perspective and created it in the image of a dynamic space that can be captured using THETA!
I based the hair band and such on the THETA logo design.
If the picture gives you a sense of glittering transparency, then that makes me happy.”

Magical Mirai 2017 Exhibit

Exhibiting a booth where you can experience shooting and editing images!
A special booth will be set up where you can experience “RICOH THETA SC Type HATSUNE MIKU” at the “Magical Mirai 2017” event. This is an event that enables you to experience the creative culture of “Hatsune Miku” and will connect to the future indefinitely! You will be able to actually experience the camera by shooting images and editing them using the app. The booth will be available from September 1st~3rd.

Further news updates will be announced on August 15th, so stay tuned for updates! Official RICOH THETA SC Type Hatsune Miku website:

Aug 082017

After Gatebox, creators of the virtual home robot projection box, teased a Hatsune Miku themed demo at last year’s Magical Mirai, they now seem determined to proceed with the idea of creating a proper version of the box with Hatsune Miku, this time for the consumer market! The announcement comes from an update to Gatebox’s website. Titled the “Living with Hatsune Miku” project, it announces a March 9th, 2018 release. Further details are expected to arrive at a later date.

Gatebox plans yet another preview for this year’s Magical Mirai, hopefully with changes to show off improved interaction compared to last year’s demo. If you wish to try the demo, you must fill out the application located about 3/4 the way down the official page:

Above is Gatebox’s official announcement video of the event. It’s not much, but we should learn more later. The LAT Miku model may be a placeholder, and not the finalized model choice. Pricing info is also still TBA, but might end up the same as the original Gatebox’s price of 298,000 Yen.