New Recap April 24th: Magical Mirai 2015, Nendoroid Sakura Mikudayo, Racing Miku 2015 Photo Review

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The first bit of today’s recent news recap brings news that Magical Mirai concert go-ers have been waiting for: The open period for concert ticket orders. Ticket applications will begin on May 2nd at 12:00 PM JST, and close on June 1st at 11:59 PM JST. They can close MUCH sooner if tickets sell out. Ticket prices are 9,000 Yen ($76) for Arena seats, and 8,000 Yen ($68 USD) for S seats, which include entry to the exhibition area. Exhibition-only tickets are 500 Yen ($5).

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Some of you may remember Good Smile Company’s April Fools prank from 2013, where they announced a “Sakura” version of their Mikudayo nendoroid. It looks like this prank is now becoming a reality, as its release has been announced by a recent Famiku magazine release. It appears that orders for the nendoroid will open soon, and she’ll ship later this summer.

Good Smile Company’s Kahotan has uploaded a photo gallery of the Racing Miku 2015 nendoroid, which will be available only to personal sponsors of Good Smile Racing for the 2015 racing season. The available accessories and expressions for the nendoroid are quite cute. It also brings a much welcome feature you don’t see often on Nendoroids: Fully articulated arms! Nendoroid course sponsorships will close on May 11th.

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Fan Hatsune Miku Concert “Yozakura MIKU LIVE Party 2″ Held At Lake Ijira, Japan

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One of the major topics of interest in the Vocaloid community is concert events. Nearly every fan wishes to attend one at some point, while others simply cannot attend enough of them. During the time gap between official events, or in areas where official concerts may not be seen, you will find that fans will come together to celebrate with their own miniature events.

One such event titled “Yozakura MIKU LIVE Party 2″ recently took place at Lake Ijira, Japan on April 4th, and had a gathering of at least 100 Hatsune Miku fans from local and distant areas. The event was arranged by Ijiriko and several others, and included a lunch party, 2 hour fan concert, and an astronomical observation event. The latter event was cancelled due to rain (it’s a running joke in the Japanese Vocaloid community that Hatsune Miku is a rain girl).

Another common practice seen by Hatsune Miku fans at gatherings in Japan is the “Hatsune Miku Shrine”, where fans will place their dolls, figures and plushies on a single display (as seen above). You see many original items, but also a number of fan creations and modifications, and it makes for fun photos for everyone attending.

Then of course there is the concert event itself, which now has a full upload on YouTube, courtesy of Ijirako. You can enjoy the video below! The full setlist is also available in the video description (in Japanese).

Hatsune Miku × Tomita Isao – Symphony IHATOV To Be Held in Beijing on May 20th

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Hatsune Miku performing “live” with Symphony Ihatov.

Well over a year since its last showing, “Hatsune Miku × Tomita Isao – Symphony IHATOV” will also be premiering in Beijing, China at the Meet in Beijing Arts Festival on May 20th, 2015 at the Century Theater. Symphony IHATOV began its first show on November 23rd, 2012 in Tokyo, and was met with positive success, leading to 4 more performances the following year in Iwate, Osaka, Shibuya and Aichi.

The news is particularly surprising to Hatsune Miku fans in China, due to apparent bans/restrictions that would make a live Hatsune Miku concert event difficult, or nearly impossible*. Friends from China didn’t even believe me at first. But under the guise of a symphonic orchestra, they probably wouldn’t suspect a “Japanese Pop Idol” in their midst.

*Current Chinese laws ban Japanese animation with the following themes: Homosexuality, sexual, Porn, Violence, Dark-Side Heroic, and Anti-government. Many Hatsune Miku songs can fall into these categories. For this reason, many Chinese fans find the possibility of a live Hatsune Miku concert in mainland China to be nearly impossible.

“Symphony Ihatov is created by composer Isao Tomita, who is known as one of the pioneers of electronic music in Japan. It is based on the poem of Ideal Town written by celebrated Japanese author Kenji Miyazawa. Tomita combined the voice of Hatsune Miku, a humanoid persona, which is also a symbolic element of contemporary Japanese pop culture, with the star video of the astronomy artist Kagaya. It will open a new and magnificent fantasy to the audience.

The world premier concert of Symphony IHATOV was held in Tokyo, and Columbia Records released Isao Tomita’s Symphony IHATOV, World Premier Live Recording. The tour started in Aug. 2013 from Iwate-Ken Hanamaki-Shi (Miyazawa’s hometown), Tokyo and Osaka to Nagoya and was successful.

Since Tomita spent his early childhood in Beijing and Qingdao, he will perform the international premiere in Beijing in May 2015. The most famous vocaloid character Hatsune Miku will perform with a hundred-member chorus from Miyazawa’s hometown and the symphony orchestra of China’s Central Conservatory of Music. The world-renowned artist Tomita, will bring you a romantic, spectacular, classical and faddish “Ideal Dream”.”

English information site:

Hatsune Miku Expo 2014 in New York Concert Blu-Ray and DVD Sets Announced, Bonuses Detailed

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All-new Miku Expo illustration by Apapico.

The official concert Blu-Ray and DVDs for Hatsune Miku Expo 2014 in New York has been announced for preorder starting today! It’s already available from a few sources, with more likely on the way. We will add more as they come, but below are the details you need to know about what was announced so far.

A regular edition DVD, regular edition Blu-Ray and limited edition Blu-Ray has been announced for release from several online retailers, and is available for international shipping. There wont be a localized release of the concert, but the menus will be bilingual (English and Japanese). The bonuses offered are nearly identical for all sites. All sets are expected to ship July 31st.

Early orders from CDJapan and Amiami will include an A3-size clear poster featuring a new illustration by KEI! Amazon Japan also offers an exclusive limited edition that will include a clear file at no extra charge (available here).

DVD (Regular) includes: Standard definition concert with 5.1 channel audio featuring 27 songs over 120 minutes, case with new illustration by Apapico, event documentary and fan interview footage.
> Order from CDJapan
> Order from Amazon Japan
> Order from Amiami

Blu-Ray (Regular) includes: High definition concert with 5.1 channel audio featuring 27 songs over 120 minutes, case with new illustration by Apaico, event documentary and fan interview footage.
> Order from CDJapan
> Order from Amazon Japan
> Order from Amiami

Blu-Ray (Limited) includes: High definition concert with 5.1 channel audio featuring 27 songs over 120 minutes, case with illustration by Apaico, event documentary and fan interview footage, 18cm vinyl record featuring “Sharing the World” by BIGHEAD and 1 other song, and event pamphlet.
> Order from CDJapan
> Order from Amazon Japan
> Order from Amiami

Confirmed: Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai 2015 Announced For Nippon Budokan in Tokyo From September 4th~6th

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An official announcement from Crypton Future Media has confirmed yesterday’s news leak regarding the Hatsune Miku: Magical Mirai 2015 exhibition and concert events.

With a little more detail now known, the concert events will be held at the legendary Nippon Budokan venue in Tokyo between September 4th and 5th (2 days), while the exhibition will take place at the nearby Tokyo Science Museum between September 4th and 6th (3 days).

The official Magical Mirai 2015 website has launched, although ticket info is still TBA. Further event updates will be announced on the official Magical Mirai twitter.

Magaical Mirai 2015 Official Site:
Magaical Mirai 2015 Official Twitter:

Nippon Budokan venue in Tokyo

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