The Complete Magical Mirai in Tokyo Concert Setlist

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With the finish of Magical Mirai in Tokyo on September 20th, the final Magical Mirai event has come to a close. The performance brought some exciting new songs to the concert lineup compared to previous events, and some say it packed more excitement and emotion as well.

Below is a setlist containing all songs featured at the Tokyo event, with links to enjoy each one as well. What do you think of this setlist lineup? It might also give a small preview of what to expect at Hatsune Miku Expo in Los Angeles and New York this October.

00: Opening / Dance: ELEVENPLAY
01: Kagerou Days / Featuring: Hatsune Miku
02: Nijigen Dream Fever / Featuring: Hatsune Miku
03: Heart Democracy / Featuring: Hatsune Miku
04: Commonplace World Uniform / Featuring: Hatsune Miku
05: Like, Dislike / Featuring: Kagamine Rin・Kagamine Len
06: Karakuri Pierrot / Featuring: Hatsune Miku
07: Weekender Girl / Featuring: Hatsune Miku
08: FREELY TOMORROW / Featuring: Hatsune Miku
09: Deep Sea Girl / Featuring: Hatsune Miku
10: Piano×Forte×Scandal / Featuring: MEIKO
11: erase or zero / Featuring: KAITO・Kagamine Len
12: glow / Featuring: Hatsune Miku
13: Hello, Worker / Featuring: Megurine Luka
14: Akatsuki Arrival / Featuring: Megurine Luka・Hatsune Miku
15: Wonderland and the Sheep’s Song / Featuring: Hatsune Miku
16: Tell Your World / Featuring: Hatsune Miku
17: Tokyo Teddy Bear / Featuring: Kagamine Rin
18: Last Night, Good Night / Featuring: Hatsune Miku
19: Cat Food / Featuring: Hatsune Miku
20: EARTH DAY / Featuring: Hatsune Miku
21: Yume Yume / Featuring: Hatsune Miku
22: ODDS&ENDS / Featuring: Hatsune Miku

23: Sweet Devil / Featuring: Hatsune Miku
24: shake it ! / Featuring: Hatsune Miku・Kagamine Rin・Kagamine Len
25: 39 / Featuring: Hatsune Miku

Ticket Guide for Hatsune Miku Expo in Los Angeles and New York

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With the Hatsune Miku Expo in Los Angeles and New York events less than a month away, we feel it’s important to remind fans once again that tickets for the concert events are still available! Using the ticket sites can be somewhat confusing, so ticket availability may still be widely unknown. Below is a list of tickets still available for both the Los Angeles and New York events, and how to get them.

Miku Expo LA Concert (Saturday)

Only VIP section tickets for Saturday of the event in Los Angeles are sold out. Tickets are still available for the Miku Love, Gold and Silver seating areas.

To get these seats, click “find tickets” below, then press “More Info” for Saturday (October 11th) on the AXS site. Lastly, just click “SELECT TICKETS” for the section just called “TICKETS”. International purchases are allowed!

>> Find Tickets For Miku Expo LA Concert (Saturday) <<

Miku Expo LA Concert (Sunday)

Seats for the Sunday event are still available for all sections, so pick any seating area!

To get the regular tickets, follow the same steps shown above for Saturday, but be sure to click “More Info” for Sunday (October 12th).

VIP tickets are somewhat trickier. DO NOT click “buy offer” on the section called “The VIP Experience”, and DO NOT go to the normal “TICKETS” section! MAKE SURE TO CLICK “BUY OFFER” ON THE “MIKU LOVE VIP PACKAGE”! International purchases are accepted!

>> Find Tickets For Miku Expo LA Concert (Sunday) <<

Miku Expo NY Concert (Friday & Saturday)

Available concert seats in New York are identical for both days. All VIP tickets are sold out, but the Miku Love and Gold seat areas are still available! Ticket purchases from this site are less confusing, so click the link below and take your pick. International purchases accepted!

>> Find Tickets For Miku Expo NY Concert (Friday & Saturday) <<

Join The Halloween Festivities at Hatsune Miku Expo in Los Angeles

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I can’t lie about being incredibly excited for all of the amazing activities planned for the Halloween Party at Hatsune Miku Expo in Los Angeles, and there’s still more announcements on the way! With the amount of activities planned for the event, you will surely need to attend both days just for a chance to enjoy it all.

The floor map, along with some of the activities for “Miku’s Mansion” (name given to the Los Angeles Center Studios for this event) has been announced. Some details are not yet released, so be sure to watch for future updates.

The areas on the map above are color coded and labeled with the activities dedicated to each section of the mansion. Here is what is announced so far:

1: Hatsune Miku Exhibition
Learn about Miku’s history with a detailed timeline and discover many items such as the software itself that went along the periodical evolvement of Hatsune Miku and Crypton’s PIAPRO characters! The famous PIAPRO WALL where you can leave your design of Miku, is also here!

2: Halloween Exhibition
Welcome to the Hatsune Miku exhibition space! Enjoy discovering the special Halloween themed artworks & toys, make yourself a Miku Halloween paper mask and take photos on the special stage!

3: Miku Monster Store
“Monster-size” Hatsune Miku goods store arrives in LA! The official MIKU EXPO concert Merchandise, Hatsune Miku Halloween Party exclusive merchandise and limited collaboration goods are available here! See more about Goods »

4: Information Center
Coming soon…

5: Pumpkin Dome
Coming soon…

6: Food Area
Are you hungry? Enjoy Japanese foods such as Ramen, Yakisoba, Okonomiyaki etc.! Special collaboration foods are also available!!

7: Pitchfork Area
Coming soon…

8: Candy Stage
This place hosts a lot of cool events such as Live Painting, a Halloween Cosplay Party, Karaoke etc…!
[WANTED] Artists for live painting events!! Apply now! Stage event detail »

MIKU EXPO – New York And Los Angeles Street Teams Needed!

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Do you want to help out with advertising the upcoming MIKU EXPO in your area? RESONANCE Media is partnering with Crypton Future Media to recruit fans from the Los Angeles and New York areas to promote the upcoming MIKU EXPO in Los Angeles and New York events.

Volunteers will help with the distribution of official MIKU EXPO flyers and banners to help raise awareness for the event. If you would like to volunteer and help out, please visit the official information page for details:

Hatsune Miku Expo Goods For Los Angeles And New York Announced

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The full list of official goods for Hatsune Miku Expo in Los Angeles and New York has finally been revealed. While a number of the goods will be available at both the LA and NY locations, some of them will be exclusive to certain areas of each event. So keep an eye on those specific details! Goods for Miku Expo in New York will be sold at Wallplay and the Hammerstein Ballroom, while goods for Miku Expo Los Angeles will be available at both the Nokia Theatre and Los Angeles Center Studios.

Exclusives for the Halloween Party event in Los Angeles include the Miku Halloween Wall Scroll ($20), Calne Ca mask ($20) and hair clip ($10) accessory and more, available only at the Los Angeles Center Studios. The exclusives for New York include a set of 13 different posters ($25 each), only at Wallplay. Items available at both locations include two different shirt designs ($45 and $25), 2 different wall scrolls ($20 each), tote bag ($20), plushies of Miku, Rin Len and Luka ($20 each), and a keychain ($10).

While the respective pages for goods at Los Angeles and New York have not yet been fully updated, the image below links to the full list of goods.

(I’ll end up returning home broke, if I manage to make it back home at all.)

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