Aug 032015

Hatsune Miku cameos in anime are not all that uncommon. In fact, we’ve been seeing them since 2008. Never-the-less, each appearance is always a surprise for the unsuspecting Miku fan when picking up a new anime series.

Miku’s most recent anime cameo is in the 4th episode of “Himouto! Umaru-chan“, where she appears as a machine prize figure named “Migu” for comedy purposes. The tweets below by @MayoRiyo highlight some scenes of her appearance in the anime. How many fans out there spotted this cameo?

Feb 262012

Tickets for the upcoming Miku Day Celebration concert on March 8th and 9th have gone on sale, and will be available until March 15th if you are unable to watch it live. There will be two different shows streaming, one on each day. Ticket pricing can vary depending on if you wish to see both, so be sure to check it out!

Both shows will air at 2:00 AM PST (GMT-8), so be sure to plan accordingly and calculate your timezones.

You can click the image to go to the purchase details page, or click here. Hope to see you guys there!

Nov 012011

A rather interesting video has popped up on the interwebs recently, showing an unusual encounter between Hatsune Miku and Ika Musume. It features music from the Ys series, and also contains fight scene references from quite a few video game and anime sources. This cute and very well done CG animation was created by fGiMr on youtube, and was done in a Japanese CGI creation tool called Shade. Those who want to skip straight to the action can simply start at 5:00 in the video. Otherwise, enjoy the show!


Aug 312008

I wonder why no one did this before? The NicoNicoDouga Ryuuseigun is the most famous mega medley on NicoNicoDouga. This version features Miku, Kaito, Meiko and the Kagamine twins performing it from start to finish. Enjoy!

[youtube: 463 392]

Note: Due to the 15 minute runtime this video had to be split to two parts. Linked above is part one.