Racing Miku 2014 Ver. Scale Figure and Sandmaster Racing Miku 2014 Ver. Preorders Open

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The previously showcased Racing Miku 2014 version scaled figure has been opened for preorders starting today (August 26th), and will remain open on Good Smile Company’s online shop until September 24th at 9:00 PM JST. The MSRP is set at 10,800 Yen ($104 USD), and has an expected shipment date of April 2015. The figure is also available via CDJapan and Amiami.

The surprising reveal today, however, was the launch of preorders for the Sandmaster Racing Miku 2014 version RC car. This specially decorated version of the Sandmaster will include a non-articulating figure of the 2014 Racing Miku nendoroid, and the frame was adjusted to allow the figure to fit inside. As it was designed for use with the Sandmaster, the bottom half of the Nendoroid will not be included.

Prorders for the Sandmaster will be open until September 17th at 9:00 JST, and it has a price of 27,864 Yen ($269 USD). It is available only from Good Smile Company’s online shop for now, although more options may become available later. The expected release is sometime in December 2014.

KarenT Releases Hatsune Miku 7th Anniversary Celebration Albums

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In celebration of Hatsune Miku’s upcoming 7th anniversary, Crypton Future Media’s KarenT label has launched a special set of 13 albums, along with two free high resolution wallpapers illustrated by Nidy-2D-.

My personal favorite picks go to the albums by Tilt-Six, Colate and P,’,Rhythmatiq, but feel free to check out the previews for yourself on KarenT, or from the video below.

Kahotan Gives a Closer Look at 1/8 Scale 2014 Racing Miku Figure, Prorders Announced

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If you enjoyed the photos of the 2014 Racing Miku 1/8 scale figure from the recent Summer Wonder Festival, Good Smile Company’s Kahotan has given a closer look in a photo review on her blog. The preorder open date has also been announced: August 26th.

The design faithfully recreates the original artwork by Oguchi, who has continued to draw and feature even more illustrations on his twitter. The same artwork is featured on Good Smile Racing’s BMW Z4, and various GSR merchandise. Pricing and expected shipment date information for the figure is not yet revealed, but should be announced when preorders become available.

Sony Japan Teases Magical Mirai Mystery Event On PlayStation Plus Website

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Sony Japan’s PlayStation Plus website has recently teased an unknown event related to the upcoming Magical Mirai event later this month. The site merely shows a silhouette of MONQ’s illustration for Magical Mirai, and says to watch for updates coming August 27th.

Image taken from PlayStation Plus website.

While the detail is not mentioned, it is suspected that Sony PlayStation Plus members in Japan will be able to watch a stream of the Magical Mirai concert in Osaka, as Sony is one of the event’s participating sponsors. We should know more details soon.

Miku Expo Exhibition Event Locations Announced for Los Angeles and New York

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The details regarding the Exhibition events for Miku Expo in both Los Angeles and New York have been released, and reveals some exciting details unique to each location. For Los Angeles, the exhibition will be held at the Los Angeles Center Studios from October 11th~12th, and Wallplay in New York from October 9th~19th. Entrance to both events will be free to the public.

Los Angeles Art Exhibition Details: This event is held as a Japanese Matsuri-styled festival event, with an art exhibition around the universe of Hatsune Miku, featuring a selection of gorgeous artworks by popular artists, and centered around a special Halloween-themed space. Exclusive items will be on sale at the shop to make for a fun and original Halloween celebration. [Link]

New York Art Exhibition Details: A selection of cool and exclusive artworks and posters featuring the universe of Hatsune Miku, showcasing different aspects of the culture that she initiated in her native Japan and that is now taking on the world. Some of the posters exhibited are on sale at the venue. [Link]

It has also been revealed that an official Hatsune Miku Halloween version nendoroid (based on the illustration above) will be on sale this fall, and sold at both Miku Expo venues. Although they did not directly reveal what the nendoroid looks like, a tweet from Hama at Good Smile Company gave us a hint at what we can expect, and says the nendoroid will be fully revealed at Magical Mirai in Osaka later this month.

This previously unknown nendoroid revealed at the Good Smile Company live stream last May will be the upcoming Nendoroid: Hatsune Miku Halloween version.

Backside view of upcoming Nendoroid: Hatsune Miku Halloween version.

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