YYB Type Sakura Miku Imoko Ver. Joins the MMD Community

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YYB Type Imoko’s Sakura Miku in dazzling scenery via Nico Seiga

The popular Chinese MMD artist “YYB” has made yet another astounding appearance upon the completion of YYB Type Imoko’s Sakura Miku model. The model is based on the popular Sakura Miku design by Imoko on pixiv, and is available for download online via Nico Seiga(password free).

Download + Header Image: http://seiga.nicovideo.jp/seiga/im4781868

YYB’s previous works include the YYB Type Hatsune Miku and her Swimsuit Ver. Full details on both models can be found in our previous article. Below are images from her earlier development stages.

MikuMikuDance Celebrates Its 7th Anniversary

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7 years ago on February 24th, a software programmer by the name of Higuchi released a 3D choreography tool named MikuMikuDance, inspired of course by Hatsune Miku herself. The program was an instant success, and saw a release with an English interface less than a month later.

After working on the project for a few years, Higuchi felt satisfied enough with the program’s progress, and ended development in 2011 with version 7.39. Things were quiet for a while, with a new alternative program popping up by the name of MikuMikuMoving, which worked to improve upon MMD’s capabilities and add the features that MMD was lacking.

Higuchi made a surprise return in 2013 to begin development for the application once again, with the current version now on 9.26. There is also a 64bit version available. Downloads available here: [Link]

MMD also inspired the start of a bi-yearly animation competition known as the MikuMikuDance Cup, where animators submit their works to compete for the top rank under various genres. The 14th competition is currently underway.

Near the end of 2014, MMD was released on Steam through Sekai Project, with the help of community support, to help allow more potential creators to discover the tool.

One of MMD’s most impressive feats has been its adoption in the anime industry, with the anime “Straight Title Robot Anime” being fully animated with the tool.

MMD has been used to create nearly countless animations of all kinds by Vocaloid fans (and even non-Vocaloid fans) around the world, and continues to be the go-to-tool for most 3DPV animators in the Vocaloid community. Congratulations to MMD for celebrating its 7th anniversary, and still standing strong for creators!

Picture by 龍海さん from Nico Seiga.


Go Vote For MikuMikuDance on Steam Greenlight!

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Recently, the highly popular 3D choreography tool MikuMikuDance has appeared on Steam Greenlight, to begin the voting stage to be approved to the Steam store. The software was published to Steam Greenlight by Sekai Project, a company also known for licensing the release of visual novels on the Steam store.

“But isn’t MikuMikuDance already free?”, you’re probably wondering. The answer is yes, and the Steam release will remain free. The steam release has been approved by the creator himself, Higuchi, and it will serve as another distribution portal for the software, while also hopefully attracting new and curious users.

>> Click Here To Vote! <<

Of course, this is only the beginning of Sekai Project’s plans. Currently, the MMD communities are scattered across various wikis, blogs and deviantarts. Sekai Project hopes to turn this into a more collaborative and organized community, much like Piapro.

The software and respective models must continue to follow all creators guidelines (of course), and it will be up to the community to help teach the newcomers proper Vocaloid etiquette. Go forth and vote to show your support!

EDIT: It’s been successfully greenlit!

Meet Many, Many Mikus in “LET’S GO SEE MIKU”, an MMD Video by TAC

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What would it be like to take a step into the world of MikuMikuDance to meet Hatsune Miku? We now have an answer to that question, thanks to the MMD animator named Tac. And that answer is… Be prepared to meet a LOT of Mikus.

As you can imagine, quite a lot of Hatsune Miku models have been created for MMD over the years, and a very large number of them are featured in this video. The story features the character named Mariel, who simply wanted to get Hatsune Miku’s autograph. But she ends up getting far more than she expected.

The official YouTube video can be watched below, and it can also be enjoyed on Nicovideo: http://nico.ms/sm24700783

Meet Kaneko-Type Hatsune Miku, The Anime Styled Miku MMD Model

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Photo via Kaneko Ranou’s twitter

A rather uniquely styled Hatsune Miku has appeared for Miku Miku Dance by the name of “Kaneko-Type Hatsune Miku”, created by Kaneko Ranou. This new model is styled with more of an anime look, right down to the expressions and the texturing style.

Then the creator also came up with a really creative idea for introducing the model: An anime opening style video. It shows off the model’s look and feel perfectly, and I can imagine this model being used a lot for humor and drama-type MMD videos.

The model is available for download from Bowlroll with no need for a password, but be sure to follow the creator’s Terms of Use! Finally, please enjoy the model’s introduction video below.

Download: https://bowlroll.net/file/55088

Koneko-Type Hatsune Miku Introduction Video

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