Meet Many, Many Mikus in “LET’S GO SEE MIKU”, an MMD Video by TAC

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What would it be like to take a step into the world of MikuMikuDance to meet Hatsune Miku? We now have an answer to that question, thanks to the MMD animator named Tac. And that answer is… Be prepared to meet a LOT of Mikus.

As you can imagine, quite a lot of Hatsune Miku models have been created for MMD over the years, and a very large number of them are featured in this video. The story features the character named Mariel, who simply wanted to get Hatsune Miku’s autograph. But she ends up getting far more than she expected.

The official YouTube video can be watched below, and it can also be enjoyed on Nicovideo:

Meet Kaneko-Type Hatsune Miku, The Anime Styled Miku MMD Model

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Photo via Kaneko Ranou’s twitter

A rather uniquely styled Hatsune Miku has appeared for Miku Miku Dance by the name of “Kaneko-Type Hatsune Miku”, created by Kaneko Ranou. This new model is styled with more of an anime look, right down to the expressions and the texturing style.

Then the creator also came up with a really creative idea for introducing the model: An anime opening style video. It shows off the model’s look and feel perfectly, and I can imagine this model being used a lot for humor and drama-type MMD videos.

The model is available for download from Bowlroll with no need for a password, but be sure to follow the creator’s Terms of Use! Finally, please enjoy the model’s introduction video below.


Koneko-Type Hatsune Miku Introduction Video

YYB Type Hatsune Miku MMD Model Updated to 1.01, Swimsuit Ver. Model Released

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The popular YYB Type Hatsune Miku model for Miku Miku Dance has had an update today, pushing the version to 1.01. Known changes include a slight facial update, improvements to eye reflections, and more. The download link is the same as the old version, along with the same password (found in the image description):

Download + Password:

Also released by YYB today is a swimsuit version of the model, featuring YYB Miku wearing a cute polka-dot bikini. The download link can be found from YYB’s tweet below, no password is required. You can also follow his twitter for future model releases and updates.

13th MikuMikuDance Cup Winners Announced

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The 13th bi-annual MikuMikuDance Cup competition finally came to an end last night, and 24 videos were selected as winners. This competition had the most entries to date, with 889 video submissions across 7 different themes.

Theme and award titles will be translated on the videos shortly. But in the meantime, enjoy the full list of winners in the full story. Click → (more…)

The History of MikuMikuDance Models Summarized by nhinkptis on YouTube

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MikuMikuDance has become an integral part of the Vocaloid community since its release in 2008, and has been used for thousands of unique music videos. It even inspired its own 3D animation competition, MikuMikuDance Cup. And of course, many various 3D models of Hatsune Miku were created for the program over the years.

The history of many of these models is unknown to most fans in both the West and East. So the user nhinkptis on YouTube has taken on the task of creating videos summarizing the history of many models that have been created since 2007 and onwards (many pre-2008 models were later converted to MMD format), and are available in both English and Japanese.

The videos are currently split into two parts to cover model releases dating from 2007 until 2013. Enjoy watching below!

Part 1 (2007~2010)

Part 2 (2010~2013)

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