Nov 202016


Looking for a high quality Hatsune Miku V4X model to use in your MikuMikuDance animations? Digitrevx has answered the call with his newest model release. The modeling stays faithful to iXima’s original design illustrations, and comes with cool extra features like:

  • Neko ear slider
  • Autoluminous for hair, gloves, boots and skirt
  • Model versions with guitar on front or back
  • Close fingers bone

Be sure to follow Digitrevx’s model use guidelines! You can download the model from here →


Model demo video


Mar 012016

The MikuMikuDance modeler named REMmaple, known for his excellent Hatsune Miku V3 model based on official illustrations by iXima, has gone ahead and created his own teaser model based on iXima’s tentative Hatsune Miku V4Xβ illustration (which happens to make a nice wallpaper!).

iXima's tentative Hatsune Miku V4X Illustration

iXima’s tentative Hatsune Miku V4X Illustration

The model is very beautifully made and stayed true to iXima’s design, but for these reasons, we wont be seeing the model get a public release. At least, not until we get a finalized Miku V4X design with proper clothes. REMmaple posted a few more teaser photos on his twitter, as well as a morph test video on YouTube featuring the song Saihate by Kobayashi Onyx. The mouth seems it could use a little more tweaking.

Sep 012015

Like clockwork, Vocaloid producers often create songs specially for Hatsune Miku’s birthday every year. This year also yielded a number of new songs (and PVs as well), so please enjoy! Also feel free to share your personal favorite birthday songs in the comments below.


Umareru Parallel by Tilt-Six

Happy Birthday by Sola Kurage

Weißer Schnee by Regulus

Last Night, Good Night MMD PV by Siva

Poppippo (V3 Edition) by LamazeP

be yourself! by Tilt-Six, PV by Thanks-san
A promotional video for Hatsune Miku’s collab with Square-Enix’s “Kai-ri-Sei Milion Arthur” Mobile Game

sister/sister by AVTechNO!

Shihatsu to Kafuka by n-buna

Aug 302015

Just in time for Hatsune Miku’s 8th anniversary, the official music video for HachiojiP’s “Desktop Cinderella feat. Hatsune Miku” has been uploaded to YouTube! The music and lyrics were done by HachiojiP, while the music video was produced by WakamuraP.

The music video also helps promote the release of HachiojiP’s newest album of the same name, “Desktop Cinderella”, which is set to release on September 2nd. The album features 14 original tracks by HachiojiP, and will be launched in physical and digital versions with world-wide availability.

Get Desktop Cinderella (Regular Edition) on CDJapan!

Get Desktop Cinderella (Limited Edition) on CDJapan!

Get Desktop Cinderella (Digital Version) on iTunes!

Jun 122015

My, it’s been a while since we’ve made a post completely dedicated to music PVs, hasn’t it? In fact, I’d say it’s been… Three years? Time for a quick turnaround, and point out several recent must-hear Hatsune Miku songs from the past few weeks. There’s various styles to suit your fancy, whether you like songs that are cute, cool, or just simply fun to listen to.

Skip99” by 23.exe. This song mixes Dubstep with Electropop music styles, and sounds quite jumpy and fun. We’re sure this track will make you want to skip right along with the beat. English subs are included!

Are You Still A Bit Skittish Today?” by LamazeP. A cute sounding song for sure, and was humorously tagged with the “Miku Addict Holy Ground” tag on Nicovideo. An English subbed version is provided by Descent87.

Gohatto Disco” by Satsuki ga Tenkomori. Composed with a Japan-esque disco style mixed with House, this track definitely sounds cool.

Story Rider” MikuMikuDance PV by Thanks. Featuring a Miku English song composed by Eleki (aka, BIGHEAD), this PV once again catches Thanks’ magical charm with the LAT-Miku type Hatsune Miku model for MikuMikuDance.