Apr 302017

The result of the Hatsune Miku: Magical Mirai 2017 music contest is in! The winner is Keisei, with his song titled “Singularity“, congratulations! The announcement comes from a live panel yesterday at Niconico Chokaigi.

Keisei’s music description comment:

Thank you not just for 10 years, but also 20, 100, and I believe far into the distant future.

I surely trust technologies make us happier.
♪♫ ◟¶(⁄•˅̥•∖)⁋ ♪♬

Congratulations to Hatsune Miku for celebrating 10 years!

Keisei’s song will be featured in the live concert this summer at Magical Mirai 2017, which is pretty honorable! You can listen to the song from the piapro player below, or from the piapro link: http://piapro.jp/t/Hxk-

EDIT: Now also featured on the official Hatsune Miku YouTube channel!

Apr 112017

Here’s our playlist of the Top 10 Hatsune Miku songs uploaded to Nicovideo in the month of March 2017! We don’t organize lists only by which songs have more views, since that would be unfair to songs uploaded later in the month! Instead, we also take daily average views into account. Check out the songs below, and let us know if any of your favorite songs made the list! If not, feel free to share them in the comments below!

#1: Sekai no Man’naka wo Aruku by Natsushiro Takaaki feat. Hatsune Miku

Uploaded March 23rd – 95,737 total – 13,677 daily

2: Collapse by Sabato feat. Hatsune Miku

Uploaded March 29th – 10,549 total – 10,549 daily

Collapse 【初音ミク】

3: Teikoku Shoujo by R Sound Design feat. Hatsune Miku

Uploaded March 9th – 128,925 total – 6,140 daily

4: Krank by Yuukisan feat. Hatsune Miku

Uploaded March 17th – 54,762 total – 4,213 daily

5: DEVIL ALIVE by cisco & Armida feat. Hatsune Miku

Uploaded March 24th – 17,259 total – 2,877 daily

6: Tokoyo by ATOLS feat. Hatsune Miku

Uploaded March 3rd – 68,838 total – 2,550 daily

7: Psycho Sense by Zekkai feat. Hatsune Miku

Uploaded March 9th – 52,730 total – 2,511 daily

8: Sweetie! by Spacelectro feat. Hatsune Miku

Uploaded March 14th – 29,231 total – 1,826 daily

9: Sabishii Natsu no Sei ni Shite by Zig feat. Hatsune Miku

Uploaded March 16th – 20,561 total – 1,469 daily


10: Usotsuki by Ozone feat. Hatsune Miku

Uploaded March 9th – 14,236 total – 678 daily

Apr 042017

Talk about surprises! I had no idea that Good Smile Racing would be selecting one of my longer standing favorite Vocaloid producers for their 2017 theme song. But AVTechNO! is certainly welcome in my book!

one feat. Hatsune Miku by AVTechNO! is a drum and bass styled song featuring Miku singing in both Japanese and English, a trend GSR started with their theme songs starting in 2014. The artwork of course is the official Racing Miku 2017 illustration by Tony Taka. Check out the theme song below!

Mar 152017

The Hatsune Miku anniversary mega collection album Vocalohistory has finally launched! To celebrate the launch, famous VocaloidP cosMo@暴走P has released a music video for his song “Ima made mo, Kono toki mo, Kore kara mo――”, featured on disk 4 of the album’s music collection.

Check out the song below! And you want to learn more about the album release, check our past article here.

Mar 032017

More people have been touring Japan than ever before, with more than 20 million sightseers in 2016! One of Japan’s big attractions, alongside “Cool Japan, fusion with tradition”, is of course the delicious food from all over the country (which we’ve had several opportunities to enjoy).

In the new music video “OISHII” TRIP, Hatsune Miku is more than happy to show new travelers the many delicious delicacies Japan has to offer, from Hokkaido in the far North to Kyushu in the South! The animation may be slightly eccentric to some, with Hatsune Miku appearing slightly different than usual, but this is easy to overlook thanks to the catchy music. You’re also treated to some of Japan’s culture as Miku tours the local shrines and cities.

This collaboration music video comes courtesy of Taste of Japan/MAFF and various producers, including BIGHEAD, Junichi, Mio Aoyama and more! Check out the music video below.

“OISHII” TRIP Official Site: http://tasteofjapan-videos.jp/oishiitrip/