Jun 272015


With two major nearby events coming up, I’d like to announce MikuFan’s return to Anime Expo in Los Angeles, as well as a visit to the Hatsune Miku art exhibition at Gallery Nucleus. The head writer (myself) be attending both events from July 2nd until July 5th, although I’ll be arriving on Day 0 (July 1st) if you want to catch me early.

What do I mean by “catch”? Similar to last year, I’ll be hosting a small goods giveaway event (the prizes of which are secret) by tweeting hints of my location at random times, and what I’m wearing (will always be a Miku shirt of some variety). If you’d like to win one of these prizes, or just say hello, follow @jrharbort on twitter to catch location hints, or even just to keep up with live Vocaloid related news at the events.

I’ll also be attending the announced IA concert, and look forward to meeting fans at that event as well. See you guys next week!

Jun 212015


The Goodsmile Racing x Piapro collaboration for 2016 Racing Miku design has begun! This will be the first time we’ll witness a completely fan-based Racing Miku design in the battlefield. The collaboration came as a sudden announcement recently via live stream on July 20th.

The concepts are “Blaze”, “Victory”, and “Phoenix” (She sounds ready for another race in Thailand). Participants are free to illustrate their ideas however they please. Rather than focus on colors and lines, your ideas will be heavily recognized. Each submission requires specific tags, and we have prepared a detailed procedure below. Anyone can enter, and you’re not required to be from Japan.

An example provided by the officials:



  • Create your design, and save in JPG format. Keep image size BELOW A4 size, and use 150dpi resolution.
  • Click HERE to begin the submission process.
  • Before submitting the design, click on the Edit Tags button 「編集」.
  • Copy and Paste (do not type) the tag レーシングミク2016 into the space (Disregard this step if tag field already has a tag)
  • Click 「ロックする」 to lock the tag.
  • Confirm that the Lock Icon is on the left-hand side of your tag (this is the most important part of the process), then submit.
  • Once your submission is successfully completed, it can be found listed with the other submissions on the official site.
    (*Other rules and details can be found be here)

The submission deadline is on July 21st at 9:00 JST. Once the winning design has been selected, she will be announced via live stream on Hatsune Miku GT Project channel on nicovideo on July 22nd. The winner will be rewarded with a pair of tickets to his/her chosen race in Super GT 2016.

For details on the previous Racing Mikus, you can visit the History of Racing Miku section on Goodsmile Racing site for illustrators, designers, and a complete package of all official illustrations.

Jun 082015

An official announcement came today announcing a collaboration song from two big idols of Japan: Namie Amuro and Hatsune Miku, under the title “B Who I Want 2 B”. The song is produced by UK underground artist Sophie, with lyrics co-wrote together with Michie M.

At the peak of her popularity, Namie Amuro was widely recognized as “Teen Queen”, “Queen of J-Pop” or even “Japanese Madonna”. Her collaboration with Hatsune Miku was previously held a secret, as the title was released as “B Who I Want 2 B feat. U hum sneak it” (anagram). What followed after were the released preview and commercial with no vocal audio in them, which slowly stirred up curiosity and suspicion among the community. Until today, that is.

The main visual was done by illustrator Shigenori Soejima, who is best known in the community for his works in Persona 3, Persona 4, Catherine and the upcoming Persona 5. The song is part of the album _genic which will soon release on June 10th. For more details on the album please visit the official website: http://dimension-point.jp/amuro/_genic/

Below is the song preview, which was broadcast on TV earlier today (split into two parts):


May 222015

The live stream “Hatsune Miku Time 8” today has covered on several interesting topics, with the main event as the final selection of 2016 Snow Miku and her rabbit partner Yukine. We’ve participated in the stream and captured several announcements, including screenshots of each.

First to announce is the reveal of 2015 Magical Mirai second visual by hoshima. Staffs have also teased a minute-long preview of the official 2015 Magical Mirai theme song “Hand in Hand” by kz during the program.

Following up next is the announcement of Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai compilation CD+Blu-ray. The set comes with Nendoroid Mikudayo and exclusive accessories, with worldwide shipping also available (more info here). Also announced are the Hatsune Miku animal charm straps with further details to arrive at a later date.

Goodsmile Racing took a step in the live stream revealing 2015 Racing Miku Thailand ver visual, in promotion of their next race in Thailand on June 21st. As a friendly reminder, Figma sponsorship courses are still open up until June 10th.

The final voting of 2016 Snow Miku and Yukine concludes with Owly Owl Snow Miku 2016 and Flying Yukine both by Kotatsu Odoki as winners by 35.5% and 54.5% of the votes, respectively. A tweet from @GSC_GUMA has confirmed Nendoroid and Figma production for 2016 Snow Miku and Yukine.

As an additional note, Kotatsu Odoki was also one of the finalists in 2012 Snow Miku design contest. You can view the submitted design here.

May 212015

For the past few years we’ve witnessed many Miku-inspired innovations, and today we bring you on the topic of “Miku Miku Face”. Miku Miku Face is a technology capable of facial detection via built-in camera and simultaneously project the captured images into the creation of Miku’s Face. Along with full-motion head support, this technology virtually brings Miku to the three-dimensional world with flexible expression.

In addtion, the creator of Miku Miku Face, Takemoto Takuma, otherwise known as Himana Gakusei 7, is also the creator of the real-time singing program “HANAUTAU“(MIKUTYPE). The program allow users to generate speeches via VOCALOID software by typing, with pitch adjustment according to the operator’s humming. In the video below by Sankei demonstrates the usage of Miku Miku Face combines with MIKUTYPE as Takemoto hums and types.

Miku Miku Face was first introduced in Entertainment Computing 2014 at Meiji University Nakano campus on September 12th~14th, 2014, later showcased in VOCACON in February this year with full-scale body.