Good Smile Racing Wins 1st Place in First Race of 2014 SUPER GT

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The first race of 2014′s SUPER GT racing season has come to an end, with Good Smile Company’s own Good Smile Racing team emerging with a 1st place victory at the Okayama international circuit. Congratulations!

GSR’s vehicle is a BMW Z4 wrapped in 2014′s Racing design for Hatsune Miku, and competes in the GT300 racing class. There was 24 competitors total this year for the GT300 class, and 15 for the GT500 class.

For much of the race, GSR’s own Z4 (vehicle #4) was fighting neck and neck against another Z4 (vehicle #7) owned by TEAM STUDIE. The fight between the two even sparked this hilarious parody image of the two racers. Source currently unknown.

Note: TEAM STUDIE uses Kuma (aka, “pedobear”) as their mascot.

Photos from the race.

GSR is off to a great start, and hopefully they can keep up this performance throughout the season. And don’t forget, you can still pledge your sponsorship support to receive a 2014 Racing Miku Nendoroid, among other goodies! Nendoroid sponsorship courses will close on May 5th JST.

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MikuFan Interviewed By Japanese Vocaloid Producer For Nicovideo Blomaga Blog

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Back in late January, I was contacted by a Japanese Vocaloid producer by the name of “ddh“, who requested to interview me for an article on Nicovideo Blomaga Blog. He was curious to learn more about Vocaloid fans from overseas, and wanted to share his findings with other fans from the Japanese community.

The interview is very in depth and covers a lot of topics, so you’ll find the full English translated interview in the rest of the story. Keep in mind that the following was written by ddh himself. The original Japanese interview can be found here.


Celebrate Your Holidays With a Hatsune Miku Decorated Christmas Cake

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The holidays are getting closer, so it’s the perfect time treat yourself and others to a holiday cake. And to make things better, why not make it a Hatsune Miku themed cake?

The Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi show has uploaded a guide on how to make your very own cake, complete with step-by-step photo and video instructions. The preparation time takes a while, but the end result looks fantastic.

You can check out the photo instructions from their blog, or watch the video below. The design for this recipe is based on the Santa version Hatsune Miku nendoroid, and you can find the same image from Good Smile Company’s website.

Help Your Favorite Vocaloid Producers By Recommending Them For a Nicovideo Partnership!

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For the quite a while now, YouTube has had a partnership program that allowed content creators to monetize their works, and this includes Vocaloid producers. However, Nicovideo lacked such a program for traditional Nicovideo users. This is one of the reasons why I found the promotion of official Vocaloid YouTube channels to be so important.

But earlier this month, Nicovideo opened up a community voted system that allows users to recommend the content creators they feel are the most deserving of a Nicovideo partnership.

The system works in much the same way as the YouTube partnership program: A recommended user has their content more publicized, and is paid a share of ad revenue by Nicovideo for the views gained. These producers can then use this revenue towards providing even better high-quality content.

The recommendation system will only remain open until October 31st JST, so there’s not much time left. If there’s a producer you enjoy following and would like to recommend them, don’t waste any time! You can also vote for more than one. Here’s how you can cast your vote:

Step 1: Locate a video by your favorite producer(s), then click the “video menu” button. Lastly, click the “recommend” button, as illustrated below. If you are unsure how to locate videos by your favorite producer on nicovideo, is a useful resource.

Step 2: Click the large orange button next to the user’s avatar, then write an explanation for your recommendation. English is okay! The message cannot be more than 800 characters long. Submit your recommendation, then click the orange button on the following screen to confirm.

After this, your recommendation has been completed! Remember, you are allowed to recommend more than one producer, and the time period to recommend users ends on October 31st JST. Cast your votes, and inform your friends to do the same!

So, where have the posts been lately?

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New posts may not have been quite as frequent on the site as they used to be, but it’s not because I’ve been inactive. Far from it.

I’ve actually made a shift to where smaller and quick news posts have been posted to the MikuFan Facebook and Twitter pages, and the larger news segments are posted to the site. While I think this is more efficient, this may not make certain viewers happy, especially if they’re not into following social media.

I’ll be shifting back to my previous posting methods shortly. In the meantime, feel free to give those pages a look to catch up on anything you might have missed.

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