Jun 102018

This feels nostalgic, doesn’t it? In 2012, we had to help put an end to the “Save Miku” madness that had no foundation… But this time, in 2018, there is a serious threat to Crypton Future Media, and the name of Hatsune Miku.

What’s The Problem?
For some time now, a fake Hatsune Miku channel has been allowed to exist on YouTube by the name of “MikuHatsuneVevo”. We confirmed early on with communication with Crypton Future Media that this channel was indeed fake. It is not owned or operated by any official Crypton employee or entity. What is laughable is how they put bogus copyright info in the video descriptions, such as “© 2018 VOCALOID, a division of Sega, Inc”. We all know that Vocaloid is owned by YAMAHA, not SEGA.

Worst of all, the channel somehow gained a “verified” status, again, despite being fake. At this point, the channel was growing at an accelerated rate, and its subscriber count is now nearly 600,000, and surpassed that of even the official Hatsune Miku YouTube channel (530,000). It has many Vocaloid and Hatsune Miku fans convinced that the channel is legitimate when it is not. They are also stealing various copyrighted works as their own, and making massive profits from them.

How Can This Hurt Miku?
The channel has a lot of power, despite being fake. It is already being used to spread fake information on copyright ownerships and supposed “official” mashups, such as the Sand Planet feat. Nicki Minaj video. With that kind of power, whoever is operating the channel could upload content potentially harmful or disastrous to Crypton Future Media’s image, and their respective properties. In this case, Hatsune Miku. This is something that should be prevented.

What Can Be Done?
Crypton Future Media has already tried to take action by reporting the channel with a Trademark complaint, but YouTube is once again blundering and seemingly ignored the claim. After conversing with Crypton, it’s clear what we as fans can do: We can help report the channel for impersonation. And the more reports there are, the more likely YouTube will start paying attention!

YouTube has a video report function that allows you to report a channel for “Impersonating a channel I know or follow”. If we submit enough reports, YouTube is more likely to notice and take action! Here is a modified link pointing to the fake channel, to help discourage boosting their search engine rankings: https://donotlink.it/GGeV

How To Report?
To begin reporting the fake channel, click the following link: https://www.youtube.com/reportabuse?report_abuse_type=I&u=HnizRN2B3u_wDtgIhi765g

The form will also ask you to enter the URL of the channel being impersonated, which is this one: https://www.youtube.com/user/HatsuneMiku/

After submitting the two links, there’s also an option to select videos from the impersonating channel. We selected the recent “Decade” video for this example.

Finally, YouTube asks you to provide an explanation for your report. Our report was worded along the lines of “Crypton Future Media, the respective Trademark holders of Hatsune Miku, filed a report against this channel, and YouTube ignored it. We, the users of YouTube, are taking action and assisting with reporting this channel for impersonation“. However, please use your own wording, so YouTube doesn’t think the submissions are by a bot!

What is CFM Doing About This?
After the failed YouTube report, CFM is now investigating a direct report with Vevo. But this takes additional time, and this take-down process has already been going on for a while. In the meantime, reporting the channel for impersonation is something that we, the fans of Hatsune Miku, can do to help! Let’s finally get YouTube to act and take the fake MikuHatsuneVevo channel down once and for all.

Apr 212018

Teased back in the late December last year, Hatsune Miku finally makes her grand appearance as a pilot in the bullet train transforming robot TV anime “Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion“! The said episode, episode 15, tells a crisis where an enemy is spotted in Hokkaido whereas our main character, Hayato Hayasugi, is in Omiya and may not make it in time. Rose to the rescue in this crisis is the 11 year old pilot “Hatsune Miku” and her partner “Shinkalion H5 Hayabusa”.

“Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion” is a TV anime directed by Takahiro Ikezoe. The series is based on the line of transforming train toys, where gifted children pilot transforming bullet trains to combat monsters that resemble jet black bullet trains. In commemoration of this week’s episode, staffs has released special Hatsune Miku wallpapers now available for free download on the official site. Be sure to check it out!

Official site: http://www.shinkalion.com/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/shinkalion

Via Cho Animedia

Apr 192018

A lot of you may notice we have an all-new Hatsune Miku illustration for the header image on the site, and we’re happy to announce the new artwork for MikuFan.com comes from the illustrator Asahi Kuroi! You may remember him as the winner of the art contest for Magical Mirai 2017, and we’ve featured many of his artworks on our social media. We’re really excited and thankful to have such a beautiful splash art for the site!

If you like the artwork as much as we do, you may enjoy Asahi’s other works, so check them out on his Twitter and Pixiv!

Asahi Kuroi’s Twitter → https://twitter.com/Asahi_kuroi
Asahi Kuroi’s Pixiv → https://pixiv.net/u/7640889

Mar 192018

M&H BOOKS is a cafe owned and run by the manager of Mofun Arcade, a game center located in Sadang, Seoul. Mofun was known as a “holy place” for Miku’s fans in Korea, for Mofun was one of the few places in Korea where one could play Project DIVA Arcade, also with a nice showcase of Miku merchandise and figures displayed in the shop. As a plan to diversify their business, last September Mofun opened a cafe called M&H BOOKS next to the game center through a collaboration with Hongji Bookstore, a comic/light novel-oriented bookstore franchise in Korea (hence the name M & H). Since its launch, M&H books has been running collaboration cafe business with various IP’s such as Ride Zero, Tales Shop’s games, and Hyperdimension Neptunia series. This time, they are opening the very first Hatsune Miku collaboration cafe in Korea with the cooperation of Crypton Future Media!

Cafe Schedule:
2018.03.19 – 2018.04.30
10:30AM – 10:00PM every day
Pre-open from 2018.03.09 (Miku’s day)
Original Goods and Special Menu begins from 03.23, and will be fully prepared by April.
For this reason, it is recommended for visitors from foreign areas to visit during April.

M&H Books
6 Donjak 3 St., Donjak-gu, Seoul

One may exit through Exit #10 at Sadang Station (Seoul Subway Line 2(Green Line) or Line 4(Blue Line).
The cafe is located at the 3rd floor of the building next to the Starbucks building in front of Exit #10 of Sadang Station.

Main Visual:
The main illustration of the collaboration event is drawn by the renowned illustrator RESS (@RESS00), who is famous for his influential career in Korean RPG games including Dungeon&Fighter, Elsword, and Closers. Original goods designed by M&H books featuring his artwork of Hatsune Miku will begin sale from late March~early April.

Special Menu:
M&H Books, as a cafe on its own, offers various coffee/tea/soft drinks with a few desserts as well.
During Hatsune Miku collaboration, they are adding a few specialties to their menu:

Miku’s Mint Chocolate Cake (7000 KRW) (The mint flavor is very much controlled for people who can’t handle mint!)
Hatsune Miku chocolate (2000 KRW)
Special Miku-Ade (7000 KRW)

M&H BOOKS is also famous for its “Latte Art” service, which allows customers to print an illustration or a photo of their own choice on top of a milk foam with a coffee drink. So far, they have offered this service for Hot Americano (6000 KRW) and Ice Chocolate (6500 KRW), and during Miku collaboration,

Mint Latte (7500 KRW) is going to be added to the “Latte Art” menu.

All listed prices may be subject to changes.

Collaboration Goods:
During collaboration period, a lot of Hatsune Miku related merchandise will be on sale at M&H BOOKS. These include

– Snow Miku Skytown goods
– Snow Miku 2018 goods
– COSPA Miku T-shirts
– Original M&H BOOKS Hatsune Miku goods, featuring the new artwork by RESS.

The original goods include
– Acrylic Stands (19000 KRW)
– Acrylic Key Holders (6500 KRW)
– Full Graphic T-Shirts (55000 KRW)
– T-Shirts (25000 KRW)
– Passport Cases (25000 KRW)
– Coffee Mugs (12000 KRW)
– Trading Can Badges (4000 KRW)
– Desk Pads (25000 KRW)
– Mobile Batteries (25000 KRW)
– Tapestries (22000 KRW)
– Blankets (45000 KRW)

The listed items and prices may be subject to change.

During collaboration period, M&H BOOKS changes its interior showcase in accordance with Hatsune Miku theme!
The exhibition includes Hatsune Miku and Crypton Vocaloid dolls and figures, design references for Miku V4X and 10th anniversary Miku, 1/1 sized panels featuring the works by KEI, iXima, and RESS, rare Vocaloid albums including Mitchie M’s “39D” and ryo’s “Melt,” and last but not least, Yamaha DX-7 synthesizer! All these displayed goods were voluntarily offered by the members of MikuWallets, the group that organized the Hatsune Miku 10th anniversary digital signage project at Samsung station last year.

There is also a section featuring illustrations with congratulatory messages from Korean artists, including shnva, Popuru, Pingo, DORAE, hakusai, Lpip, Nardack, Young-in, JUNA, and Mauve. The Wall of Piapro is also installed!

Further information and updates are offered in the official twitter account (@mofun_collabo).
The owner of the arcade/cafe (@mofun_arcade) also runs a twitter account.
The chief manager of the cafe, also the head of MikuWallets (@koreafx), also has a twitter account.
MikuWallets (@39ADProject) is also helping out the operation of the cafe.

Here are some photos and videos of the cafe!

Photos are mostly taken by @mofun_collabo and @Aio392.

The 360 degrees VR video and 360 degrees photos of the cafe are taken by @miku1596:

The Miku Festival (미쿠제):
In the opening day (03.09), also the Miku Day, Hatsune Miku’s fans in Korea have gathered in M&H books to celebrate the opening of the first official Hatsune Miku shop in Korea. With the help and participation of MikuWallets members, we took photos and watched the Snow Miku 2018 Live offered by WOWOW.

Mar 142018

The massive hit kabuki play from last year “Kuruwa Kotoba Awase Kagami“, starring the virtual idol Hatsune Miku and the kabuki actor Nakamura Shidō II, will be getting its own VR application for PlayStation VR starting in April for free, Dwango announced. The play told of a love story in a geisha quarter, and was performed at the Nico Nico Chokaigi 2017 event on April 29th~30th, 2017.

The VR application allows you to relive the Chokabuki experience in virtual reality, walk around the virtual world with a lantern, or snap photos with Hatsune Miku on the spot and share them online. Visit the official sites below for full gallery, or check out the official trailer now on Nicovideo!

Official site: http://chokabuki.jp/vr/
PlayStation Store JP: https://www.jp.playstation.com/games/chokabuki-vr-kuruwa-kotoba-awase-kagami-ps4/