Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd Releases Tomorrow in Japan, SEGA Confirms Western Release

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The past several hours have been pretty exciting for news regarding Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd, including an apparent early release through some online retailers like Amiami, and even a confirmed schedule for a Western release in Fall 2014! SEGA hints at some ‘fun stuff’ for the Western version of the game, and announced that in addition with the physical version for PS3, a physical release is planned for Vita as well through reservations.

Check the announcement video below, and SEGA’s official news post here. More news is expected as E3 draws closer.

All very exciting indeed, but the Japanese version officially launches tomorrow on March 27th, so let’s take a look at what we can expect. The game has been improved quite a bit in the visual graphics department, indicating that SEGA developed the game this time as a PS3-first title, then made a port to VITA. These improvements were made apparent with the game PV for DECORATOR.

Note the improvements in lighting effects compared to the previous game.

What's new in this game?

■ PS3 and Vita releases will contain the same songs. No paid DLC needed!
■ 20 all new songs, 20 remade classics from previous titles. 40 songs total!
■ 160 modules (outfits) total. 40 new, 40 classics, and 80 from Project Diva F.
■ Previous game save data can be imported to unlock already-owned items.
■ Two new ☆ icons for scratch notes: Double scratch (use both fingers) and link scratch.
■ Redesigned HUD with 20 different customization patterns.
■ Largely improved PV editor functions (must be downloaded for Vita version, free).
■ More pose choices and AR mode/photo editor functions.

If you can't wait for the Western release, you can pick up a Japanese copy due to no region restrictions on the PS3 and Vita. But be sure to support the upcoming Western release if possible! Here's a few preorder sources:

CDJapan (Includes bonus B3 size calendar poster, 7000 Yen): PS3 | Vita
Amiami: (Includes bonus multipurpose stand, 7220 Yen): PS3 | Vita

Video showcasing all 40 songs.

SEGA & Tokyo JOYPOLIS Center Celebrating Launch of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd Starting February 27th

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With the launch date of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd drawing closer, the Tokyo Joypolis center and SEGA are gearing up to throw another celebratory event starting February 27th, and ending April 6th. The event is called “Daiba de Diva”, and various activities will be available for guests throughout each day of the event.

First up on the list is the stage event on Floor 1, which will play an event-exclusive promotional video for KZ‘s DECORATOR, the theme song for Project Diva F 2nd. The video is scheduled to play three times every day at 12:00, 15:00, and 18:00. The admission fee for viewing is 800 Yen for adults, and 300 yen for young teenagers.

Up next is the attractions. On the 1st floor is a popular attraction called the “Tokyo Half-pipe”, a ride that requires two people and costs 800 Yen per run (video here). On the 3rd floor is a photo booth where you can pay 500 Yen to take a single group photo with a decorative Project Diva styled border. Also on same floor is a Divination (fortune telling) sheet with Project Diva styling. Each sheet is 600 Yen.

There is also some goods available, such as a can (with a currently unknown treat) for 550 Yen. It’s also been very cold in Tokyo lately, so if you’re feeling a little under the weather, they have Diva-themed cough drops for 480 Yen. Lastly, there’s some event-exclusive clear files for 390 Yen per pack. These items are available from the 1st floor JP Store.

Feeling a little thirsty? The D-Lounge on the 2nd floor is offering character-themed drinks for 390 Yen each, and also comes with a useable sticker.

The Frame Cafe on floor 3 will be serving up some more character-inspired dishes. These include curry and drink for 1300 Yen, a green onion-topped hot dog and drink for 950 Yen, a Parfait for 900 Yen, and a latte with art reflecting the image of Miku (image not shown) for 700 Yen.

You’ll find plenty of carnival-style games available on the second floor, while the first floor will have a number of UFO Catcher machines with various Hatsune Miku-themed prizes. Carnival games are 200 Yen per play, while UFO Catchers are 100 Yen per play.

The multi-stage room on floor 3 will have multiple booths set up with PlayStation Vitas running Project Diva F 2nd, where you can freely try out the game before its March 27th launch date. It looks like they may have the life-sized Hatsune Miku statue on display again as well!

A few last extras are mentioned, such as a chance of seeing Mikudayo, scenic photo shooting from atop of the hotel, and a digital mirror much like the one seen at the Wing Shop at Haneda Airport.

More Miku For Vita: MikuMiku Hockey 2.0 Releasing February 13th, Project Diva f for NA and EU Due in March 2014

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Followers of gaming news related to Hatsune Miku may recognize MikuMiku Hockey, an Augmented Reality game for Vita. It was publicly demoed in early 2013, and later made available for free… As long as you were a PlayStation Plus member on the Japanese PlayStation Network.

Those who were hoping for a public release of the game may be somewhat in luck. The game is getting a version 2.0 upgrade with a number of new features, and will be available to all Japanese PSN members for 1,000 Yen starting on February 13th. If you are a PSN Plus member, you can download the game between February 6th and 12th for just 500 Yen.

Game Features List:

  • Single Player Mode, or watch two Miku models play against each other.
  • Multiplayer over AdHoc.
  • More outfit choices, including Snow Miku 2014.
  • New scoring/ranking system.
  • Analog control is now available.
  • Blow up Miku’s model to “life size”.

A PDF for the AR marker can be found on the game’s website.

Also in today’s news is an announcement by SEGA that gives us a somewhat better idea of the launch date for Project Diva f (Vita) for North America and Europe: Sometime in March 2014.

Not much has changed from what I previously announced, other than the optional DLC is now confirmed to be available at launch. Both SONY and SEGA have uploaded a new announcement trailer for this release.

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd Delayed Until March 27th, DECORATOR Promotional Video Revealed

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In a somewhat saddening message by SEGA on twitter, it has been announced that Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd has been delayed from its original March 6th date, with a new target date of March 27th. The date change is also confirmed on the official game site.

SEGA says the reason for the change is to allow more time to improve the quality of the game, and apologizes for any inconveniences. This is the first time that a Project Diva game has been officially delayed, and is understandable since this is their most complex project to date. Let’s hope they can iron out all the kinks without further delays.

Almost in apology for the delay, SEGA uploaded the full game PV for the song DECORATOR composed by kz(livetune). Enjoy the video below.

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd Demoed and Discussed at Taipei Game Show 2014

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Many excited Vocaloid fans gathered at the Taipei Game Show in Taiwan to hear announcements regarding Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd, the next installment in the Project Diva series slated to hit the PS Vita and PlayStation 3 on March 6th.

The first thing that was visible was the PV for DECORATOR, revealing not only the character module for the song (name TBA), but also Chinese lyrics. The development of a localized version for China was confirmed, although the method of localization is not yet fully decided. Project Diva F for PS3 (and soon PS Vita) was Romanized for its Western release, but a Chinese localization must be done differently.

Other recently announced details were also discussed, but might be new for some. These include:

  • 40 songs confirmed. 20 all new, and 20 returning classics from the PSP era.
  • Over 160 character modules. 40 all new, 40 remade classics, and 80 from Project Diva F. *Save Data can likely be ported to F 2nd to unlock previous modules.*
  • The ability to import music data directly from Piapro.

One of the closing discussions was on the possibility of a future Project Diva title for the PlayStation 4, where the staff felt that the touch control of the PS4′s controller shared some similarities to the new “swipe” interface added to SEGA’s Project Diva Arcade: Future Tone, allowing for similar gameplay styles.

For those who can’t wait for a localized release, the Japanese version of Project Diva F 2nd can still be preordered for PS3 and PS Vita, with no worry about region locks. But make sure to support localized versions when possible! If localized releases keep selling well, SEGA will likely continue localizing other game titles.

SEGA also recently released a video showcasing the 32 songs announced so far, as well as many of the new character modules. Above images via gamer.ne.jp.

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