Mar 312015

Illustration by Kenji from Piapro

Happy April 1st, everyone! Today also marks the 7th anniversary of Kasane Teto, who was originally revealed as a “Vocaloid” on April Fools day as a prank in 2008, but actually turned out to be for the newly-announced UTAU software.

While other sites are busy having fun with April Fools, we’ll focus on covering the news event from the past few days. To start, the 3DCG artist Kasoku Sato, best known for creating the movies and models for Mitchie M’sBurenai ai de” and Digi-eye, has teased a Sakura Miku edition of his Hatsune Miku model on twitter.

This could be just for fun, or we may expect to see a Sakura Miku-themed collab with this model and Rhoto’s Digi-Eye AR app. Or perhaps a new Sakura Miku-themed PV altogether?

The Magical Mirai 2015 website updated yesterday to reveal the new main event artwork (by Hoshima), along with the concept art sketches (by Shikimi). The new design seems to take a lot of inspiration from last year’s Magical Mirai 2014 artwork, but still feels new and fresh. Further event information is still TBA. Event website:

Cute miniature Hatsune Miku and Shiteyan’yo plushies, created by TAITO, were announced as available machine prizes (likely from SEGA UFO catcher machines). The plushies come in 3 varieties with Miku holding an even smaller Shiteyan’yo. The plushies seem to continue from a previous collaboration, where even smaller miniature figures with the same theme were released. Location availability list:

Lastly, Senbonzakura-themed ball-chain figures were announced by TAITO, also as a machine prize. They are available from the listed locations:

While seeming like a prank at first, this comes as real news: SEGA has made the Mikudayo mask/head accessory available for Project Diva Arcade Future Tone, and is available starting today (April 1st) with a cost of 1500vp (and we repeat, this is not a joke!). Official announcement video below:

Crypton Future Media couldn’t resist having a little fun on April Fools this year, and has “announced” the company’s own CEO, Hiroyuki Itoh, to have his own VOCALOID V4X software release. A demo clip is even provided on the site. While not actually real, it does serve as an interesting joke to push people to purchase the new Megurine Luka V4X software instead. The “purchase” button for Hiroyuki Itoh V4X simply “runs away” when you attempt to click it (to repeat, this is a prank).

Product Page:

Sep 232012

Continuing tradition from last week, this week’s obscure channel promotion is aimed at Dixie Flatline, a producer who captured Vocaloid fans around the world with his emotional music.

Dixie Flatline was first noticed by the vocaloid community after the release of his first song, Gemini, back in March of 2008. The excellent use of the Kagamine twins made his first song an instant success. But things didn’t stop there. Just a little over a year later, he released his most notable song to date: Just be Friends featuring Megurine Luka. The most popular print on youtube for this song has raked in over 5 million hits, and his song is also a popular choice in official concerts.

I also got to enjoy the song in concert myself at Mikunopolis. In fact, if you own the DVD or Blu-Ray of the performance, you’ll be able to see me standing and clapping along with the song. The image below is a shot taken by Tokiko during a network broadcast of the Mikunopolis concert.

Tokiko spotted me in the audience of Mikunopolis during the song “Just be Friends”. Click the image to read the full article.

Of course, we’re here promote the official pages of Dixie Flatline. So without further interruption…

Official Channel Link

Official Twitter Link (English)

Dixie’s channel was first revealed after he showed the premier of his new song, “Answer“, at Anime Expo 2012. The song serves as the successor to the previous story, “Just be Friends”. The video below is the official print for the song directly from his own channel. As always, if you love this producer and appreciate his work, please share this article to help promote and support him directly.

Official “Answer” PV from Dixie Flatline’s channel.

Sep 102012

I’ve been pretty busy, so better late than never I guess…

In case some of you managed to miss the two official announcements (unlikely), there will be two important official panels at the New York Comic Con on October 12th and October 14th. The panels will be about Megurine Luka, and Hatsune Miku, respectively.

Megurine Luka Panel Info

Location: 1A23
Speakers: Danny Choo & Yu Asakawa

Information: “The Japan Foundation is proud to welcome YU ASAKAWA, a successful voice actress and the voice provider for the Vocaloid2 MEGURINE LUKA, to share behind-the-scenes stories about her experience in lending voice to LUKA both in Japanese and English. There will be a special video screening followed by Q&A where YU ASAKAWA will answer questions from fans. This panel will be moderated by Danny Choo.”

Hatsune Miku Panel Info

Location: 1A23
Speakers: Kanae Muraki & Tara Knight

Information: “At NYCC 2010 Crypton Future Media promised to release Hatsune Miku English software if Miku’s facebook page reached over 39,390 fans. Now, two years later, it reaches over 600 thousand fans. It is time for Miku to break onto the international scene! Join Kanae Muraki, director of global development for Crypton Future Media, and Tara Knight, the director of “Mikumentary,” an upcoming series of short documentaries focusing on the phenomenon, for a behind the scenes discussion of the virtual idol. There will be special announcements and a Q&A session.”

Based on the history of presentations at the last two NYCC conventions, there’s a good chance that something exciting will happen at this one as well. Unfortunately, you will not find me attending this convention. But those of you who are attending, be sure to enjoy yourselves and have a good time!

Jul 192012

Created by Mitchie M, this amazing PV to celebrate Miku’s Birthday uses all of the Cryptonloids (minus Miku herself) for the music. And despite being over a month early, that doesn’t make the song and video any less amazing. Well done!

Producer’s youtube channel:

Obligatory meme image:

Watch the official youtube version below, or watch on Nicovideo here.

Jun 212012

Thanks to a new post by Famitsu, 8 additional songs have been confirmed for Project Diva F’s library. It looks like SEGA is bringing in quite a few big name artists for this game, and one of the most surprising (for me) is the inclusion of AVTechNO!. This would make the first time that an electro styled track was used for gameplay in a Project Diva title. Having 8#Prince in there is pretty exciting news as well. It also seems that Ryo will be creating the opening song once again.

These songs are not yet posted on the official Project Diva F website, so this is a slightly early leak. The newly announced songs are:

Time Machine by 1640mP(164×40mP)
Fire◎Flower by halyosy
DYE by AVTechNO!
Ashes to Ashes by テンネン(Ten’nen)
Weekender Girl by kz/八王子P (livetune×8#Prince)
Nostalogic by yuukiss
ODDS&ENDS by ryo

EDIT: A new video has been uploaded to the official Project Diva youtube channel to showcase the new tracks.

There’s quite a few game snapshots as well, but you should really head over to famitsu’s gallery to see all of them in their full size. However, here’s a few quick thumbnails to show you what you can expect. Thanks again to salanos for the find.