Jun 292013

As a quick update regarding Anime Expo 2013, a recent schedule update posted to the Anime Expo website has confirmed Crypton as a speaking guest for the event.

Crypton will be hosting a panel about Hatsune Miku on day 4 (July 7th) at 3:30 PM, and the panel is scheduled to run for 1.5 hours. Due to the panel length and announcement timing, it is very likely that we may hear updates regarding English Miku’s development. I will be posting updates in real time to MikuFan’s Twitter as the panel is happening.

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  • Hello, I’m from Vocaloid.fr, the French community for Vocaloid. In France, we also have Vocaloid events at Japan Expo 2013, such as conferences and a projection of the live concert Mikupa 2011. I read that Hiroyuki Itoh may come to France for this occasion, but as there’s also an event at Anime Expo 2013, I don’t really know which convention he will be attending in the end. Do you have an idea ?

  • @Chib: I have no idea honestly. There’s no details of the panel yet.