May 082014

If you have ever imagined the idea of having a “holographic” Hatsune Miku concert in the palm of your hand, the latest product in the Hako Vision toy series by BANDAI will make this possible, and also relatively inexpensive.

Priced at just 500 yen each (roughly $5 USD), these toy boxes contain everything you need to get started, including the videos. All you need is a smart phone. This release will come in two versions: The pink box will include “World is Mine” and “Story Rider“, while the green one will include “2D Dream Fever” and “Tell Your World“. Interestingly, these same songs were used in Hatsune Miku’s ArtPop Ball performance. A piece of gum is also included for your enjoyment.

This particular release comes as a set, which includes both boxes. Preorders for Japan are available via Amazon Japan for 1080 Yen, and international orders can be placed on Amiami for 880 Yen. It is expected to ship on August 11th. Details from the BANDAI product page reveal that Director Wakamura did the animation work, meaning he was possibly also responsible for Miku’s choreography during her ArtPop Ball performance.

Via and SGCafe

Video guide to HAKO VISION toys.

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  • Brigade Mascot Miku

    Off topic – Hopefully one day, CFM might release the CFM-14 Miku as an MMD model!

  • Revian

    I’d probably get one if i were to see one locally, if not for the heck of it, and the fact that it’s cheap. Oh, but mostly the gum. the gum is clearly the most important peice here.

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  • Alan

    These will sell like crazy. And they just work off youtube videos. All the existing “hologram ready” vocaloid vids should work with these, and if not they’ll be easy to tweak.

    ELEKI must be on cloud-nine. First Gaga, now this. You couldn’t write a better Vocaloid success story than Story Rider 🙂

  • Andrew

    @Alan, ELEKI is that much famous of a vocaloid producer!? I feel honored that I got to message him on facebook 😀

    Just pre-ordered a pink box!

  • Alan

    @Andrew ELEKI is certainly getting a lot more famous now. I think Story Rider is his most successful song, and it had around 8K views on NND, and less on Youtube. It’s already been heard by more people in the last two days than in all the previous year.