Jun 082012

I’ve found a few interesting applications and games over the years, and I figured that those who don’t know about them will also enjoy them.

This is a bit of an old “bullet hell” styled game, very similar to games like Touhou. There are several levels of difficulty, and you have the same level of firepower at all times. The enemies and bosses are all based on character icons from the popular Japanese video site NicoVideo. And your bombs? They’re none other than a giant MOLE!

You can download the game by clicking the above image (or click here), then click where it says “ヘクターミク ゲームプログラム [Ver1.00]“. There’s quite a bit to cover in terms of navigating the game menus and controls, so I suggest you read a blog post found here for all the details.


Hatsune Miku “Desktop Assistant”

This is a neat little application that summons a small Miku that roams around your desktop and does various activities. She’ll climb the edges of your screen and windows, jump around, play with various objects, and even multiply. So it is not a good idea to leave her unattended for extended periods of time. She even gets a bit mischievous and may steal your application windows to throw them off screen (only works on some windowed apps, not full screen). Thankfully the application has an option to summon them back if this happens. You can even move her around if you want.

To download the application, just click the image above (or click here). To use it, simply extract the entire folder and launch the file named “Shimeji.jar” (you will need Java for it to work). Afterwards, a small icon will appear in the lower right corner of your screen and a single Miku will drop onto your desktop. The controls for the application are as follows:

Top Option: Summon another Miku (or just double click the small icon).
Second Option: Calls all Mikus on screen to the location of your mouse.
Third Option: Deletes all Mikus on screen except the original (delete individual Mikus by right clicking on them).
Fouth Option: Brings back any stolen windows that were thrown off screen.
Fifth Option: Quits the application.

EDIT: Check the comments for another similar application posted by Neo! Thanks!

MikuMikuBench for Android Devices

More and more people are purchasing high end Android phones and tablets, and more people are getting competitive over who has the better device. Benchmark applications for these devices are becoming more popular, so a user has created a free application called “MikuMikuBench”.

The application has a MikuMikuDance model dance to the song “NyaNyaNyaNya!”, with the framerate counter clearly visible. Once the benchmark is completed, it will display a score based on your device’s performance. You can download the application from the official Android market by clicking here. The user has even created a Rin version. Here’s a video showing the benchmark running on 3 different devices.


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  • airgeneralpong

    Thanks! >w<

  • Neo

    Might I also recommend Flele for a little desktop buddy. It looks great, interacts with you and any window on your screen, and is even an mp3 player. Fun little thing, you can get all kinds of other skins (including other Vocaloids) for it, too.

  • I’ll add a note to check comments for more apps. Thanks!

  • Faux Pas

    Three other games to consider: “Tomoyo Fighter Perfect” which is a sidescrolling fighter like the NES Ninja Turtles game. It is based on the characters of the manga and anime “Clannad” but also has a fun Miku character and some levels play classic Miku songs! Also “MickmanX” which is like the SNES Megaman series, only with Miku. Finally “Lucky Star Troopers” is another sidescrolling fighter based on “Lucky Star”, but again you can choose a Miku character, though her hair is red. She has an awesome combo attack in this game. I’m not sure where the “official” or original websites are, but if you google them there are download links everywhere.
    Another great desktop buddy is “Apricot” which like Flele has multiple characters, including several Miku options. She pretty much just watches you, also chimes the hours and talks a little. She tells little jokes and recommends websites and things, though it’s all in Kanji so I don’t understand it (my brother knows Kanji and translated for me). It is apparently available for mobile devices as well. The official website is http://www.apricotan.net
    I just wish these desktop buddies would work in Linux as well. Any idea of making them work, or some that are compatible?

  • @Faux Pas: I wasn’t the one who created it, and I’m not even sure who did. I don’t know the source of it. All I know is that I’ve had it sitting on my mediafire for well over a year now. So I’m clueless to if there’s a linux port.

  • What does she play with? Does Miku move around folders or crawl on top of them?

  • @Natsuru: She mostly plays around with her own little things, but she also jumps around and climbed on browser windows, plus msn messenger windows (before msn messenger went defunct). She ignores normal folder windows. She may interact with skype windows, although I haven’t tested this yet.

  • Mikufan1997

    I have downloaded the desktop buddy and have the newest version of Java(version 7 update 45) but I can’t get past the Java update screen. Am I doing something wrong? Please reply back and tell me. I would love to have this, it sounds great so please help me!

  • @Mikufan1997: You are probably running the wrong EXE file from the desktop buddy folder.

  • ResilientSylph

    When I open the jar I see the program icon in the lower right corner but I don’t see Miku???