Aug 132012

Man, this is shaping up to be a VERY busy month.

In addition to all of the other announcements in regards to Miku’s 5th anniversary, Family Mart has announced their participation in yet another event. With all of these events and announcements going on, it’s becoming almost impossible to keep track of each one.

The “Miku Loves FamiMa” campaign is a special event running from today (August 14th in Japan) until September 10th (Japan time). To participate, you simply need to buy 500 yen or more in select goods from the store, many of which are themed after Miku herself (one product even featuring official art from Zaneeds). Doing so will result in a chance to win various prizes such as prepaid cards (1,000 winners), Miku themed MP3 players (100 winners), and a grand prize featuring a Hatsune Miku decorated electric scooter (1 winner).

To help promote the event, Family Mart has released several commercials. There’s the main commercial itself, which shows Miku happily marching through Family Mart while singing what sounds like the store’s theme song. In addition, there are two hilarious blooper videos that feature scenes from the “filming” of the commercial. To check out the official Family Mart site for the event, just click the image above, or click here. And enjoy the videos!

Main Commercial.
Blooper #1.
Blooper #2.

Blooper #3.

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  • Todd

    Those were great. At times like these, I REALLY wish I lived in Japan. I would spend my whole paycheck on Miku things at family mart.

    Miku is so cute in those videos!

  • I used to live in Japan, but I still spend my money on Miku stuff anyways. But I really do miss Family Mart and the Family Mart chicken and beef bowls =(

  • Faux Pas

    I love that they spent the time to make the cute little blooper videos! I always love watching Miku interact with her surroundings.

  • faTWave


  • jazmine

    We do have a few family mart in the USA though its called famamia i wish they had miku products like in japan though.

  • Red_Sky

    These are awesome! Did you know there is a second commercial 31 seconds long with a second customer and ending? I wonder if they sell bacon wrapped hot dogs at FamiMart? 😉

  • @Red_Sky: I did see it, but I didn’t add it to this article. It’s essentially the same as the first video, but with a different customer reaction.

  • divac

    There are lots of famima here in socal. Doubt they have Miku products though. Maybe I’ll drop by the Newport Beach location.

  • Piribous

    Hey, somebody here knows the name of the song that plays when the man is announcing the products?

  • @Piribous: It says the name right there on the top video as it’s playing. It’s “39” by Sasakure.UK and DECO*27.