Nov 172008

As Canned Dogs reports, Crypton has posted first samples of the upcoming addition to the Vocaloid2 series. There have been no further details revealed about the third character installment in the series yet, but at least now we know what it will sound like!

Head over to Crypton’s official blog to listen to the samples.

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  • Legendmaker12

    First post… >:D

    I listened to it… It kinda sounded like Miriam… >__<;

  • Rarok

    I like a lot ^_^

  • Seventyxxtimes7x

    I have fears that they are going to make so many characters for vocaloid that Miku Hatsune will be forgotten. D=

    But Miku is still #1 out of any vocaloid =D

  • don’t really like the sound of this one as much as the vocaloids that are out already but only time will tell this is only one sample.

  • Sounds good. Can’t wait to see what people do with it!

  • Jade

    she sounds pretty good, but too similar to the others, and a bit boring.

    kind of like in the middle of meiko and miku in terms of the voice pitch.

    Is she an English vocaloid? but shes made by crypton? if she isn’t she sure can sing well in english =)

  • Maharashu Mikusuki?

  • Venus

    In the official website, there is already the silhouette of cv03. She sounds pretty good and much deeper than other Vocaloid2 characters.
    It seems the cv03 will be in pink, as I saw in the color of silhoutte ^^
    Really expecting for January 2009!

  • Ellen

    You should put the UTAU Vocaloids on this site. I think Kasane Teto is just as good of a singer.