Full Length “Weekender Girl” Project Diva f PV Released.

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Pretty much as the title states, the full length Project Diva f PV for Weekender Girl has been uploaded to the TOYSFACTORYJP YouTube channel. The song itself was a collaboration between 8#Prince and kz(livetune), and was made specifically for Project Diva f and Miku’s upcoming birthday.

As a quick reminder, the game is set to launch on August 30th. The album for this song is still available for purchase on Amazon, and includes both a CD and DVD, as well as a cute keychan as a bonus. You can find it here.

  • Faux Pas

    She’s so cute it brings a tear to my eye! The quality is excellent, too. A huge difference from the original Project Diva!

  • Todd

    What a sexy outfit, and really sexy dancing. Great song too! I can’t wait to get it on my ipod.

  • http://mikufan.com Weekender Girl

    I’ve been trying fo 2 days to get Weekender Girl on my new Ipod, but it won’t go on! does anyone know what the song is about? And do we have to pay in JPY or U.S. dollars? i I think U.S. dollars because most Americans won’t have Yen. But does any one know how to download songs onto Ipods?

  • http://mikufan.com Weekender Girl

    I can’t get Weekender Girl on my Ipod. It won’t sync :(.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/jrharbort jrharbort

    @Weekender Girl: Currencies are automatically converted from USD to JPY upon purchase. I’m also unsure why you’re asking about JPY when it’s available for purchase on the U.S. store anyway: [Link]

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