Nov 282012

Today is a fantastic day for those who are fans of Tripshots or even HSP (Hiroyuki ODA). The newest PV that’s been teased for months on end on Tripshots’ website and twitter has finally been released.

It’s been a few years since we’ve seen any sort of high profile video production from Tripshots. It’s also been a while since we’ve heard any new Vocaloid related composition work from HSP, who happens to be one of my top favorite Vocalectro producers. Having these two work together on a project was my dream team. Except this time it actually happened.

The video features Tripshots’ newest Hatsune Miku model, adorned in a full Append outfit (shoes included, gasp!). Quite a bit has changed in this model compared to his other productions, most notably in the facial features. The hair also looks more natural and less “plastic-ey”. There is quite a bit of visual work as well for the environments and effects.

As for the music itself, the lyrics were written by Chu-ji and the composition was done by HanasoumenP. It’s been a couple years at least since I’ve seen him use such an aggressive tone for a Vocaloid piece. The vocals are done using Hatsune Miku’s appends, but the primarily used vocal style is Miku’s Dark Append, another favorite of mine. What can I say? I like everything about it.

Please enjoy the official video below from Tripshots’ youtube channel.

Nicovideo version also available here.

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  • I love it! A bit surprised that he didn’t make the music himself, but doesn’t matter since I like HSP even more. PV and the model looks great.

  • Akita Neru

    HSP without his trademark artwork is not canon. Model is good, except face, especially compared to previous PVs of both Tripshots and HSP songs. Music… Unfragment was a lot better. A lot. And… The best thing for trance songs in Miku’s voice- mysterious unhumanness- is trashed in favor of questionable realism. Not actually that good. But listenable.

  • @Akita Neru: The face just seems off because it’s different. It’s actually a major improvement over the previous model, although the shading could have been a bit better to help define some features like the lips (it was hard to tell if she was even singing at some points). And as someone who listens to and promotes various vocaloid trance tracks on a daily basis, I’ll have to kindly disagree.

  • VocaJezu

    This is most beautiful video in Internet ^_^

  • airgeneralpong

    Have seen the screenshots of Tripshots’s Miku Append for quite some times…
    And now the PV has finally been release! XD

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  • Tarkus

    Happy Christmas!

  • Faux Pas

    I’ve been eagerly awaiting Tripshot’s (and HSP’s) new release, and it’s awesome! I love the clarity and smoothness. Miku’s face reminds me of Triphshot’s original Miku model he used in “Anger”, “Hoki Boshi”, and “Cleaning Day”, though her eyes also resemble his “Nebula” model. I agree it’s a little different and she doesn’t seem to move her lips much, but I’m still impressed. I have to agree with Akita Neru, though; Unfragment is still one of my all time favorites.

  • Cosmoman

    Don’t really like the face.. but overall is very good!! Way to go Tripshots!!

  • @Cosmoman: Funny you say that, because so far no one has been able to say why they dislike it, or at least provide a valid reason. It’s actually far better than the last model.

  • Akita Neru

    @jrharbort her cheeks and chin are a bit too big.

  • I decided to test your theory in comparison to the original Nebula model with images provided by tripshots himself:
    From this image you can see that the cheeks and chin on the new model are actually smaller than the last model, because the face is much less “rounded” and more realistic in shape. The eyebrows haven’t moved, but the eyes, nose, and mouth were all adjusted slightly to accommodate the new head shape.

  • Akita Neru

    Well… Okay, I was wrong. New model is much better than old ones.

  • Ala Quebrada

    It’s so beautifull video and the song sound nice, has the classic style from Tripshots