Nov 092017

The Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary ver. 1/7 scale figure with its beautiful design and stunning colors is now available for preorder! Additionally, there is a special Memorial edition available, which will include a large A4 size commemorative book called the “Hatsune Miku Archive”, which will include the winners of the Pixiv Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary illustration contest as well as other contents to look back on Miku’s 10th anniversary.

Celebrating 10 years of Hatsune Miku!
Hatsune Miku celebrated her 10th anniversary on the 31st August 2017. In commemoration of the anniversary, Hatsune Miku’s character designer KEI illustrated a brand new illustration of Miku featuring the outfit designed by manga artist Mari Shimazaki. This illustration has now been transformed into an intricate scale figure by sculptor Takayuki Kawahara, filled with 10 years of appreciation towards the virtual idol!

The lovely scale figure is available from Good Smile Company’s online shop for 20,000 Yen (177 USD) for the regular edition, and 25,000 for the Memorial edition, with preorders open until January 11th 2018. She’s scheduled to ship around December 2018. You can also find her available from these other online shops!

> Tokyo Otaku Mode (Memorial Edition, Free Shipping) (Use coupon code MIKU1718 for $5 off!)
> CDJapan (Regular Edition) (Use coupon code CDJAPAN1J for 300 Yen off!)
> CDJapan (Memorial Edition) (Use coupon code CDJAPAN1J for 300 Yen off!)
> Amiami (Regular Edition)
> Amiami (Memorial Edition)
> Goodsmile Online Shop (Regular Edition)
> Goodsmile Online Shop (Memorial Edition)
> Hobby Search (Regular Edition)
> Hobby Search (Memorial Edition)
> Nippon Yasan (Regular Edition)
> Nippon Yasan (Memorial Edition)

Check out the full photo review from Kahotan’s blog! →

Lastly, Good Smile Company has launched a special Miku 10th anniversary page:

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  • Erick G. Ocampo

    Once it’s on Cdjapan I’ll get it right away! *-*

  • Umi

    390 page artbook HHHhnHH definitely getting this now T__T

    coming out dec 2018 and i feel like she’ll be delayed too

  • melodyofkanade

    Is it possible to just get the artbook? 25000 yen is just waaaay too much for me

  • Kyun MoeMoe

    shut up & take my pesos…

  • melodyofkanade

    Is it possible to just get the artbook? Anyone know?

  • WuJJ

    Pretty sure you can ebay it once it’s out, but officially I don’t see any site offering the book alone.

  • Umi

    You could ask someone getting the figure to buy the figure + artbook and then pay that person for the artbook.

  • WuJJ

    It may not be cheap that way though, unless both are in Japan. For the sites I checked, when buying memorial edition SAL is no longer available or more expensive than EMS. The weight of artbook probably pushed the package outside economic shipping range. That ends up being $50-60 shipping to US and you would need another shipping to hand off the artbook. You might be better off buying the whole package and sell the figure later. I doubt you will have a hard time selling it once official stock runs out. That’s 10 year anniversary edition after all. (I bet you will end up keeping the figure. :-P)

  • Umi

    I know some sites offer free/low shipping for the whole package, but yeah shipping the artbook again would cost a lot—

    Well, I never thought of just getting the artbook since I want the figure as well! It’s beautiful and so special being her 10th :>