Dec 072016

At the recent Miku Expo in Shanghai, China, a new Hatsune Miku mobile game titled “Dreamy Vocal” was demoed publicly for the first time. News of the game came late last month, but was somehow overlooked by a lot of the overseas fanbase until recently.

From the people who played it, the game apparently borrows design ideas from Love Live! and Idol Master. It is being developed by Black Sugar Studio, a Chinese game company, in close collaboration with Crypton Future Media. Besides being a rhythm game, features such as online player interaction and battle modes (multiplayer) are confirmed, and the expected costume customization features.

The game is expected to launch later this month for both Android and iOS platforms. It’s rumored be a free to play game, with a microtransaction store. Pre-registrations are currently open, although it seems not all phone numbers work (mine did, but it didn’t work for another friend). This is not required to play the game, however. It’s also unknown if the game will be region locked to China.

Hatsune Miku Dreamy Vocal Official Site:

Below are some videos of the game demo at Miku Expo in Shanghai! The game will also be demoed at Miku Expo in Beijing this weekend. Stay tuned for further news!

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  • Erick G. Ocampo

    Seems interesting but we have to wait for more information about it, plus I gotta get a better phone.

  • Miku Hatchune

    The registering worked for me…

  • サツッピミク

    please tell me how.. plzzz

  • サツッピミク

    cant understand since its in what.. mandrin?

  • jrharbort

    You simply select your mobile device OS. The left bubble is iOS, the right is for Android (if you’re on mobile, the option isn’t shown, it knows automatically). Then put your phone number (country code first), followed by the captcha.

  • サツッピミク

    but i try using google translate and it says wrong number format

  • サツッピミク

    Phone number format is incorrect

  • jrharbort

    Like I said in the article, some overseas numbers don’t work, but some do.

  • Stefanus Alfian

    Damn can’t register

  • Miku Hatchune

    I don’t know if this actually changes anything, but when I entered my number I put the long distance extension in front of the number, and no spaces.

  • Sugoi, very interesting! * – * Comprei meu celular Android há poucos dias! Com certeza vou baixar este!

  • Yasu

    My number didnt work but my roommate’s number worked

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  • Will

    I hope this comes worldwide. All the other Vocoloid mobile are locked to Japan, China, and other Oriental countries.

  • Breanna Warren

    Do u live in USA?

  • Breanna Warren

    How? Do u live in USA?

  • Breanna Warren

    No it says 11 digit number and phones in USA have 10 digits.. 🙁

  • Yasu


  • Breanna Warren

    Can u tell me how I get the activation code to play the game? I made an account already

  • Mikumiku39

    Call me a weeb but how do you change the language to English I really wanna play the game but don’t know what to do!!!

  • Weeabo

    Where can you get the game?
    I’m having trouble finding the download.

  • Magginesu

    is this out not out, alive not alive…?