Jul 082013

Because there is so much other news to go over, I will make this a quick summary of my coverage from Twitter as the panel was happening.

Near the beginning of the panel, a short clip from Mikumentary Episode 3 was played. Mikumentary is a documentary series on Hatsune Miku that was created by Tara Knight. Crypton also mentioned how English Miku will be supported on Mac, and that English Miku will be easily accessible to people in the U.S. through the online vendor bigfishaudio.

A new English Miku demo was played (which was also played several hours earlier at Japan Expo 2013 in France). English Miku was also mentioned to include Crypton’s own Piapro editor for free. Crypton then announced their new partnership with the online shop WeLoveFine to sell officially licensed Miku shirts. WeLoveFine will also be holding shirt design contests.

Crypton congratulated Hatsune Miku’s Facebook page for hitting 1 million followers, and is throwing an event to celebrate. They have launched the “Find Me” campaign to find the concentration of fans in certain cities around the world. They plan to use this data to try and host events in areas where there is sufficient demand. You also have a chance to win a flight and tickets to see Magical Mirai in late August.

There is still no confirmed launch date for English Miku other than for “Summer 2013”, so you can subscribe to the English Miku website to be immediately notified of updates when they happen: http://mikuenglish.com/

Below is a video I personally recorded of the English Miku demo at Anime Expo 2013.


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  • Roseterra Megursune

    This is so exciting! It would be great if I won a Miku contest, but I have terible luck. If I won, my friends would tell me that I’m oppsessed.

  • anonymous

    A demo song using English Vocaloid 3 data bank of miku was presented at Japan Expo 2013
    Here’s a link to the video.
    The demo song starts at 21:00

  • @anonymous: I already said that.

  • Faux Pas

    Still no official release date (T_T). English Miku is sounding better and better! She will definitely be worth the wait. I’m glad Crypton is taking their time to do it right, rather than push through a less-than-stellar product just to meet a deadline.

  • Oscar Cuevas

    Hahaha yo! It is I, the male Miku-chan from the expo. I’m the wigged one in your video xD lol oh, and I’m uber excited about the English release! can’t wait to give it a try

  • dave

    Hello, mikufan, I have a better video and you have my permission to use it for review purposes 😀


    hope you like it 😀