Dec 272017

Hatsune Miku Expo is back again in Summer of next year, and as grand as ever! The event will cover 6 venues across 4 states in the U.S, and one in Mexicio City. We will update the ticket information as it becomes available!

June 29th (Fri) Microsoft Theater, Los Angeles
Ticket sales start @ 5PM PST →

July 1st (Sun) City National Civic, San Jose
Ticket sales start January 10th @ 5PM PST →

July 6th (Fri) The Bomb Factory, Dallas
Ticket Sales start January 10th @ 7PM CST →

July 8th (Sun) H.E.B. Center, Austin

Ticket sales start January 10th @ 7:00 PM CST →

July 12th (Thu) Washington, D.C., The Anthem
Ticket sales start January 10th @ 10AM EST →

July 14th (Sat) New York City, Hammerstein Ballroom
Presales start January 9th @ 10AM EST, Normal sales start January 10th @ 8:00 PM EST →

July 19th (Thu) Pepsi Center WTC, Mexico City
Ticket sales start January 10th @ 7PM →

Lastly, there is a Miku Expo 2018 song contest, where the grand prize winner will have their song performed at the live events, among other rewards! There’s also two runner-up prizes available. A free trial of Hatsune Miku V4 English and Japanese are available for download to get you started, if you don’t yet own her software! The contest runs until January 31st, 2018. More details on the official contest site →

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  • Bryan Lopez

    Wooooo. Now comes the wait for the ticket dates.

  • Nathan Mcdonel

    Yes!!! Do you think there will be any more concert locations?? I can go to Austin and Dallas but I would prefer it to be in Houston!

  • Hitokiri_Ace

    Where’s my KS City? 🙁 haha

  • crazyhunter

    Microsoft theater here we come!

  • Finally. Unm maybe this will be my first time going to NY

  • Brad Smith

    Omg yes, looks like I’ll be going to new York again…maybe Washington dc this time…(lives in Ohio -_-)

  • True Goddess Reincarnation

    Guess I’ll be going to Austin this year…

  • Matthew Aubel

    Be nice if a concert was in Reno or vegas

  • alex

    I wish there was one in KC, would be so much closer to me.

  • Jabbie

    I live in OH too. Too bad they won’t be in Cleveland or Columbus, but NY is close enough.

  • Why is the LA one on a friday?! TAT
    Am I destined not to go? I didn’t get to go to the last one either….

  • Jim Dittman

    what about Chicago, oh well it might be added late like last time, if you have a chance to go, do it, best 2 hrs i have had in a long time, well worth the money

  • NEEDS CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • XTron-P

    I wonder if were gonna get all the pre-concert events again like last year

  • AppleArcade120

    How do I get this to work? owo

  • Bret

    My kids are Miku fans but will they even be able to go and can they see the show?? (I’m afraid if people are all standing they won’t even be able to see)

  • Uchiha Sasuke (Trig Jegman 800

    I might actually be able to go to Washington for this Miku Expo… Might! I really hope I do.

  • Uchiha Sasuke (Trig Jegman 800

    Pretty sure you can get VIP or front row tickets. But if they aren’t short, then I wouldn’t invest. I was in the middle of the crowd in Magical Mirai 2016 and I saw very well.

  • Bret

    My daughter is 9 so I just want to make sure she can see 🙂 Maybe we’ll do Microsoft venue in LA since it’s sloped seating. (2000 miles away, oh well)

    But Denver tickets are posted for sale on 10th, if I wait for LA.. I just hope I don’t miss this chance to see Miku.

  • Uchiha Sasuke (Trig Jegman 800

    I see, I really hope you go!! I want to go to this year’s expo as well. I might be able to

  • Tamás Fehér

    What about Europe ignored again and again? If Finland didn’t do the homework, there would be no Miku cult. If not for Spain, there would be no Vocaloid tech whatsoever. At this rate Antartica and even Mars will have a Mikupa before Europe. But maybe “music” is held to a higher standard in Europe compred to rest of the world, so Miku couldn’t hold a candle here? At least we have the Eurovision song contest with monster mask finns.

  • Typhlosion

    He’s right you know I was there

  • DeltaAssualt .

    Austin and Dallas 2 locations 2 differents days I might just get to see Miku back to back. Austin is closer I live like 30 mins away while Dallas is like 3 hour away from me, but shows all start at 7:00 pm and I work 12hr night shift on Friday. I just wonder what songs and how many will be played during the show, also what types of events will happen before and after. I just hope they play the same songs at every show and the events before and after are also the same. Now the wait for event list and song list begins hope they don’t disappoint. Miku Expo 2016 had some songs that were not played at certain cities and countries which kind of made the Miku Expo experience different for some lets all hope the music and events are all the same regardless of which city/country it’s in. MIKU FOREVER!

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  • jrharbort
  • Light Buster

    Waiting for the ticket details for LA. I’m going for sure and it’ll be a blast.

  • Erick G. Ocampo

    In the New York site the price rages from 60 to 95$…is that the presale prices or the actual ticket price?

  • Bret

    I got tickets to NY front row balcony in the center!!!!! (I am poor now but who cares?)

  • Miku come to Brasil too!! 😀

  • Bret

    They are selling platinum tickets now for crazy money.
    $60-95 must be the regular price after 10pm EST

  • Bryan Lopez

    Just chilling for the LA ticket dates.