Jun 092014

Picked by the FindMe campaign on MikuBook, Crypton Future Media has just announced the United States as the country for the second Hatsune Miku Expo! The event will take place in two cities: Los Angeles from October 11th~12th at the Nokia Theatre, and New York from October 17th~18th at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

Just like with Miku Expo in Jakarta Indonesia, Miku Expo in the U.S. will bring famous creations, exhibitors, and also a live concert event. Ticket purchaes will open starting June 13th at 10:00 AM PDT for LA, and 10:00 AM EST for NY. Here is the Live Concert and ticketing info, with more expo details to come later:

Los Angeles – Nokia Theatre

Ticket Page: http://mikuexpo.com/la_ticket
1st Show
Oct. 11, 2014
START : 7:00pm (DOORS OPEN : 6:00pm)
2nd Show
Oct. 12, 2014
START : 12:30pm (DOORS OPEN : 11:30am)

New York – Hammerstein Ballroom

Ticket Page: http://mikuexpo.com/ny_ticket
1st Show
Oct. 17, 2014
START : 8:30pm (DOORS OPEN : 7:00pm)
2nd Show
Oct. 18, 2014
START : 6:30pm (DOORS OPEN : 5:00pm)

What is Hatsune Miku Expo in Los Angles/New York?

HATSUNE MIKU EXPO is a festival that presents multiple contents featuring Hatsune Miku, including an artwork exhibition focused on the virtual singer and the cultural movement that was inspired by her, fan gathering activities and as absolute highlight the Hatsune Miku concert show using cutting-edge projection technology and live band. HATSUNE MIKU EXPO in the U.S. will be held in Los Angeles and New York.

We’re excited to announce that Nokia Theatre will be the HATSUNE MIKU live concert venue for the Los Angeles show, and the Hammerstein Ballroom for the New York show!! The HATSUNE MIKU exhibition and related events will be held in nearby locations TBA. More details coming soon!

If you would like to see an official event in YOUR area, make sure to cast your vote at http://www.mikubook.com/findme! One more location can still be decided.

Official Announcement Video

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  • Faux Pas

    KYAAA!!!! So excited! (><)
    VIP ticket, here I come!

  • DinkumThinkum

    I’m very very tempted to go to the concert in LA, but I live in Nevada. The cost of gas and a hotel is the only thing holding me back.

    Why couldn’t it have been in Las Vegas?

  • Melissa Elaine DeCastro

    Carpool or something to share the cost. Zimride, friends, Craigslist

  • DS23

    NYC bound this October then. Finally an east coast show.

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  • Miiata

    We’ve been waiting so long! This will be the event of the year for me.

  • Peanut

    I think I can make it to the L.A. concert in October. Glad to see another concert at Nokia Theater! The Mikunopolis concert in 2011 was great 🙂

  • Peanut

    Just secured tickets for L.A. 🙂 I don’t buy tickets often, so seeing the “Virtual Waiting Room” (with random placement) was simple & fair as well. Hope you got your tickets too 🙂

  • jrharbort

    I went for Double VIP (VIP for both days), and so did my co-writer. Hope to meet you there!

  • Peanut

    Definitely! I didn’t know you were close to L.A. (or at least going 🙂

  • Peanut

    Vegas would have been cool, actually. That would have been a pretty huge venue too. Though, I would lose all my dough on the concert + gamblings ^_^;

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