Apr 022017

4/10/2017 Update: English translation added, thanks to DJ xNEOxGENESISx on Twitter!

If you manage to find your way to Sony’s Store up in Sapporo, Japan, you’ll find the store’s video guide features none other than Hatsune Miku! This likely comes as part of the recent PlayStation 4 collab for the Sapporo store.

Video footage comes from Sony Store Sapporo on YouTube, and we fortunately received an English translation, thanks to @xNEOxGENESISx on Twitter!. Tsumidango’s Hatsune Miku V4X MMD model used in the video adds a rather cute touch. Check out the video and translation below!

Hi everyone! My name is Hatsune Miku, and I will be your presenter for the day.

Today, I’m here at Sony Store in Sapporo.

The Sony Store Sapporo is the information center inviting everyone to engage with Sony’s newest products, technology and introducing to advanced lifestyle.

This store being the first Sony Store in Sapporo, we are here to share new and exciting experience!

4K TV, DSLR Camera, Hi-Resolution Audio, and the new Life Space UX that will transform your living room to a special space just for you.

You can take the newest products in your hand and play with the videos, pictures, and audio. Also there’s pre-exhibitions where we share the newest technology so that our Sony Store Sapporo will answer to your interests.

Also, there are professional stylists that will help each individual base on your lifestyle, and give you advice on how to use them, so please feel free to talk to us!

Sony Store Sapporo provides ‘how to’ seminars for those who purchase DSLR Camera, and support both new and professional photographers. We are here to reassure and encourage the new users to photography.

Sony Store Sapporo, A wonderful experience which you have never experienced before.

Please enjoy your stay!

Presented to you by Hatsune Miku!

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  • チャド

    Found a better version of the video with clear audio https://youtu.be/wMjDy0T3cg8

  • William B

    YouTube still thinks Vocaloids are speaking in Dutch it seems in closed caption which is funny but it is interesting seeing Sony doing this. It would be nice if they did this in the US here.

  • Kashantico

    Hm, i did watched on the entire CM video & tried working on Subtitle translating for my next YouTube video but it seems there is few mistakes from those word sentences putting into wrong orders are going like:

    “Sony Store Sapporo, A wonderful experience which you have never experienced before.”

    “Please enjoy your stay!”

    “Presented to you by Hatsune Miku!”

    What I got listened (think) from my own very clear perspective way to fixing from the correction are like this:

    “A wonderful experience which you have never experienced before.”

    “Please enjoy your stay!”

    “Sony Store Sapporo, presented to you by Hatsune Miku!”

    PS: His English are very perfect translation so far but there is always some slightest chances even for making a small mistakes.

  • Kashantico

    I’m quite certain about that is a grave mistake from them for being adapted using a wrong (Dutch) language are actually meant for English as their next western translated priority into YouTube Subtitles. Because the most populated Japanese Peoples can never/can’t speak any Dutch word senctences + pronounced terms like that. This is so really silly mistakes so they need to fix for that matters.