May 242008


After the first Hatsune Miku Nendoroid figure had already sold out before the actual release in March this year, the second figure is doing ever better. It is now already the top selling figure on Amazon Japan while its still about five month till the actual release! The figure sales are followed by the first Hatsune Miku Nendoroid figure, making Miku rank first and second place in Amazon figure sales. Another clear sign of how popular Hatsune Miku actually is.

Those of you actually interested in purchasing the figure will need a good bit of luck since it is already sold out on most major online shops.

Play-Asia had the figure up for orders, however their stock has already been sold out. Since products are sometimes restocked before the release you should however consider keeping an eye on it until the release in September.

For those few lucky people (yes I’m looking at you Nick) who can order directly from Amazon Japan go ahead and preorder some of the remaining stock directly at Amazon.

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  • Catpants McStabby

    plenty of “pre orders” are showing up now on ebay, although most seem to be located in .hk. Would be nice if more of these places allowed shipping to the US.

  • admin

    Yeah, be careful when ordering from hk, you might grab a bootleg copy.

    Also: As a friend informed me earlier the figures are also sold out on Amazon Japan now. Sad!

  • zephi

    I’m glad I got my pre-order in early. Keep an eye on HobbyLink Japan (HLJ) as well… I think they may have a few left for pre-order on July 2nd.

  • Chris

    does the figure come prepainted or not?

  • Maolin

    I have the exact figurine shown in the photo above, due to this article that said there were fakes I would like to ask, is the figurine in the picture real or fake?

  • Kyle

    omg omg omg. ever since i’ve seen this person, i didnt know who it was till a friend told me it was hatsune miku. now she is my idol. (even though she is virtual). The people who made this is amazing. they have outdone themselves. now that i have heard of this character, i have pre-ordered comics, figurines, vocaloid, itunes songs of hatsune miku and etc. in itunes, i bought all the albums of hatsune miku.
    if you have any questions just email me. its

  • Kyle

    it was worth it. (even though i spent over $100