Nov 072016

Hatsune Miku fans keep working to find better ways to enjoy projected, or “hologram” style, Hatsune Miku entertainment, whether it be in concerts, or in your own home. A tweet from @aomesan147, a representative of Polid Screen Technology, shows off projections of Hatsune Miku on their screen technology, which allows Miku to be seen from the front and back!

The setup requires the use of multiple projectors, and a couple sheets of polyethylene, and you can read the (Japanese) guide on how to set it up. Double-sided projections are very new, and @aomesan147 says it’s the first time it has been done with Miku.

We can see this technology being useful in entertainment venues where the performance stage is in the center, or for personal home use.

Via Crunchyroll and @aomesan147

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  • Thats actually quite impressive! You can actually see her from behind instead of just a direct frontal view. Any possibility for pantsu views for later future versions?


    sick freak stop trying to look at 16 year old’s underwear. get a fucking life

  • Lēë Jasushhimēï

    That would be awesome xD

  • Lēë Jasushhimēï

    Geez, can’t you take a joke?

  • Lēë Jasushhimēï

    Geez, can’t you take a joke? (And Pantsu is a very important feature of the Anime community, you should know)

  • Aaliya Jasmine

    It seems like for now, the 3d model can’t move forward or backward too much, especially when it’s on a panel like that. But it will be interesting if it did! I hope Miku ‘evolve’ more :3