Oct 282010

It seems like French Hatsune Miku fans and Otakus are currently very upset about this.


Thankfully someone added a version with subtitles to youtube, so go check it out and judge for yourself. This is what happens with bad or no research.

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  • Reki

    (I’m french and I understood everything without subtitles.)
    Seriously, they sucks. French medias are not really open-minded and can be really sarcastic.
    Last week, Metro (a free newspaper in UK) published an article about Vocaloid. They did a really good research compare to this shit.

  • Faux Pas

    Sure it’s easy to criticize an international superstar when you’re so distanced, ignorant, and the audience is required to be quiet and applaud on command. I’d like to see her try that again in a group of Miku fans, or at least outside of an opinion-sterile studio.

  • Tenshi

    I’m french too and I think the French TV is stupid, as part of the concert they showed it was not even Miku but Luka … They did not even have enough information before it is pitiful
    (Sorry for my bad english)

  • Isamo

    What BS this chick doesnt seem like she knows what the hell shes talkin about.

  • XD Haha. It reminds me of the ”meuporg” case where a French journalist couldn’t pronounce MMO and ended up saying something completely stupid. The content was also very narrow-minded. In the end, it’s simply sad to see that. The worst part would be to have presented Luka as Miku.. really.. XD

  • PJ

    Play her off keyboard cat!

    also if I could and was there I walked right to the stage and told her off.

    Im really insulted by this.

  • mikuvstehfrench

    heh it actually quite funny this situation them frenchies are just angry that a hologram is more famous than any idol that has come out of France. Not to say that all french music suck ass but I havent heard of 1 good artist from France other than alizee who like fell off the planet or something haha .. there’s my 2 cents XD

  • lol

    What kind of research? If she researched about you sickos she would find out you’re all fucking psychos and desk anime masturbators!

  • bueno yo creo q estos detalles que mencionaron la prensa televisada de nacionalidad francesa son de una talla un poco infantil y un tanto ingorante por que en un mundo tan tegnologico en el q vivimos parece estupido no creer que pueden aver artistas y/o cantantes ciberanimados eso demuestra la falta vision futuras de estas presonas pero es su critero y se respeta

  • nerim

    i’m french and i’m sorry…yes we are stupid yes our journalist can’t be open minded bacause everything they see in this concert is the end (allléluia it’s the end) of their generation so they are affraid
    meuporg and rené la taupe (pour ceux qui ont le malheur de connnaaitre) are the best of our music and journalism…. i think france is in the sh** -_-

  • Gilgamesh

    Obviously a comment by an idiot, who have no clue on what on earth are she talking about. That’s the only logical explaination for this…


    i certainly think tania bruna rosso should go to hell. I am from the Philippines and I am a huge vocaloid otaku. This was very insulting and I wish that the french reporters would at least be a bit more open minded about today’s innovations. I had never heard a good french idol. I have been quite turned off about France now…

  • khumiko

    such a mean girl she thought that she already understand what vocaloids are made into hate you girl

  • vocaloidsbestfan

    WTF are they thinking!!!! if i were there i would KO that stupid people !!!

  • Odd-Eye

    I must apologize, because I’m french and, yes, this is what our medias look like. When they have nothing to talk about, they take something only few people knows about, then… Well… This is what happen most of the time.
    After looking at this, I wonder why the French music is actually six feet under. Oh, by the way, it’s true : we don’t have any idol, here. That’s why some of us are looking for “true” music out there.

  • Blitz

    I’m French and I really felt upset by this.
    The only thing she said was true was the translation of Miku’s name.

    Too bad hate doesn’t stack up and backfire on her !

  • Miku’s the best

    It seems these french are blind~ How come they would mix up Luca and Miku?! I would be very happy if I can see Miku’s live concert in Hong Kong~(cuz I live in HK~)

  • erotaku

    All you open-minded future-thinking culture-surfers don’t need to be upset about this. Your ‘average’ Frenchman doesn’t even know what culture-shock is, so just forget about it. Its hopeless, because calling them narrow minded is missing the point. What can you say to someone who doesn’t comprehend culture-shock?? In 2011??? Craaaaaazy!
    peace, and J-POP FOREVER!

  • naka


  • Mikufan1

    Lol, I am 1st Miku FAN !! Miku is so best cute and perfect girl ( i think its hologram, but i like it XD ) and luka is too fine… BUT MIKU 4EVER !!!!

  • anonymus

    seriously, fuck french tv ( nothing personally ment), but they just compare it to something that isnt even in same class as vocaloid, and they cant even place the names right.
    Burn them!!!

  • Count Monty


  • Zoe

    This Tania knows nothing about Hatsune Miku and Vocaloid, and What?.. like Godzilla? Miku is nothing like Godzilla. This is an insult to Miku , Crypton Future Media that made Miku and to Fujita Saki who supplied the voicebank for Miku, who also sings in addition to being a voice actress and voice behind Miku. If the french would make a Vocaloid with The french singer Alizee for the voicebank then they would have a great French Vocaloid, and then we could have her sing Po Pi Po in French 🙂

  • Zoe

    Oh yes I forgot to say that Miku also sings french songs, just heard her sing Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son 🙂

  • 3rd Hatsune Fan

    WTF?! Pff.. French people hate everybody and everything except their own State -.- Someone should show France the world omg -3- now THIS, THIS is WHY i HATE France…. This is just.. WRONG!! >.,<\w/

  • Lol