Hatsune Miku Products for Fans

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Many people have only just been finding out Hatsune Miku products are available worldwide. Yes, they do exist, and yes, they are easy to get! Some partner shops like Tokyo Otaku Mode and CDJapan carry some of the latest and greatest must-have Hatsune Miku items. This page will give you a simple overview of what is currently available and easy to get, no matter where you are located!

Hatsune Miku Software

Want to try the Hatsune Miku music software for yourself, and enter the Vocaloid world as a music creator? You can find Hatsune Miku’s V4X music software on CDJapan, which comes bundled with various vocal tones in English and Japanese, a vocal editor, and some of the necessary music software to help you get started right away!

Hatsune Miku T-Shirts & Calendars

You can find plenty of stylish Hatsune Miku T-shirts and calendars that can be purchased from just about anywhere in the world! New designs are releasing all the time, so check back often to see if there’s anything that catches your fancy!

Only 1 Miku T-shirt Hatsune Miku Calendars

Hatsune Miku Collectables

Looking for Hatsune Miku figures, tapestries, books and other collectables? You’ll find these and more from Tokyo Otaku Mode and CDJapan! If you’ve ever wanted to decorate your living space with the twintailed diva, now it’s easy. Just click the image below to see what’s available!


Hatsune Miku Concert DVDs and Blu-rays

As Hatsune Miku continues to rise in popularity, there has been a growing number of live concerts held in Japan, the U.S., Singapore, and many others! While not everyone can make the trip to see these events, you can still enjoy the action in the comfort of your own home! Since 2010, a number of these live performances have been made available on DVD or High-def Blu-ray! Cheer with the crowd as the virtual diva performs on stage with a spectacular display of music and dance.

hm_br mm_br

Hatsune Miku Albums

We clearly cannot forget what makes Hatsune Miku what she is. Her starring attraction, so to speak… The music! There is a vast selection of albums available from many various producers, and in a wide variety of styles to suit everyone’s tastes. Rock, Pop, Electronic, you name it! Take a look at some of our personal favorite picks below, or view a full selection of what’s available here.

Doriko Best 2008~2016 tfcc-86560 UMA-1047

What about other shops?

We’re not against the use of other shops! There’s other handy places like Amiami, Nippon Yasan, Hobby Search and more. Feel free to use them if you like! But if you feel like helping out our site, using the links above from our partners helps out greatly. Happy collecting~!

  • Marshmallow

    Eh? Where are the nendoroids, or GSC’s 1:8 figure??

  • Minto

    Hey Im kinda confused. Hatsune Mika is the main character for a product so who are the other characters?

  • The other characters in the Vocaloid series are Meiko (short brown haired female with a red outfit; her symbol is sake), Kaito (dark blue haired male with a dark blue outfit; his symbol is ice cream), Len Kagamine (blonde male with a tiny ponytail on his head and yellow and black clothing; his symbol is a banana), and Rin Kagamine (blone female with a hair ribbon and yellow and black clothing; she is Len’s twin and her symbol is an orange). There are other characters such as Akita (When you go to fast) or Haku (when you mess up the song), but they are all alternate identities to either Kaito or Miku. There are also some “American” Vocaloids by the name of Leon and Sweet Ann, but these don’t really have personalities like the Japanese ones do.

    By the way, is it possible to find information on any of these characters such as age or personality or symbol?

  • DynamiteDai

    hey every one who is interested i found a fan based miku hatsune manga on mangafox.com here is the link…

  • GN54

    Not fan based. Kei writes and draws it, and he’s the guy who made Miku.

  • Ryu

    Where can I find a good site to buy the Vocaloid from? I can not find it.

  • St Frank

    I have an account with cdjapan. But I cannot find the CD. There is only other merchandise of Miku, but no CD.

  • Briefasa

    The link for the leek isn’t working. Any assistance? I must have! >:3

  • I’m a little creeped out about the miku hatsume porn. I like miku a lot, but that is just plain weird.

  • admin

    The figures are not listed here because they are sold out pretty much everywhere.

  • Samantha

    Where can i buy I cosplay outfit anywhere BESIDES ebay? Using Paypal is out of the question for me.

  • Samantha

    I am looking for the leek toy, and am not finding it on JLIST and am geting very annoyed. What can i search for to find it??

  • Jess

    Hey, do you know where can I find the wallet chain and the Leek, J-list do not have it anymore 🙁

  • Ariana

    Ew.. porn e_o

  • william

    DUNA your right.. but does any 1 know where i can get the miku computer program so i can make videos of her!?!?!?!?!?!?
    *please respond on: youtube.com/user/Cripto474

  • Areru

    Anyone knows, but in Russia some day will Vocaloid 2?

  • miku chan
  • Marco

    Do you have the list of all vocaloid original songs?
    I’ve been looking for anyone who does forever.

  • mikusbiggestfan

    well i got to said miku is the best nice prudects

  • mikusbiggestfan

    i do agree duna

  • Seth

    Aside from music on itunes, and a wall scroll off Amazon, i’ve been having a tough time finding actual products. Is the market that limited? Or are T-shirts and cd’s simply harder to find due to the economy? I’m looking forward to the PSP game…. I just hope I can get it, lol 🙂

  • Lina.

    where do you get the other mikumiku characters and the accessories ?

  • Ashley

    I LUV MIKU!!! 🙂

  • Shane

    Hello, I have some Hatsune Miku items, I was wondering if you were interested in advertising them on your site? Will share profit.

  • PJ

    Lol i have both of them.
    Another miku H dousjinshi:

  • the_guy_that_does_not_know_what_this_is

    What is hatsune miku?

    Who is hatsune miku? =(

  • miku!!!! one awesome girl.well i wanna put a cool awesome video for this site

  • grrr urgg miku is a awesome person . i have so many miku things i have a awesome leek pen.miku pillow,doll playset,pencil bag, T-shirts big ones not my size because i am 7 years old and a miku purse or a fat wallet better love me because i have so many miku things

  • im just ganna make another miku site


  • Jesse

    I see that a lot of people are having ahard time understanding the concept and utilization of Miku Hatsune. If anyone needs any info or is just having a hard time finding something, just shoot me an email at 9mm.tylenol@gmail.com and I do my best to find what you are looking for.

  • miku hatsune rules the wo

  • miku rules the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i luv miku so much

  • Chianne

    I <3 Miku 4ever!!!

  • Yarah Miku

    Hi I’m from Brazil and she is too Hatsune miku
    would love to see her in Brazil … would be a great experience overall unique!!

    Hatsune Miku in Brazil !!!!!!!!!

  • i love miku shes cool i like po pi po good bye

  • hey ummm who eva has miku stuff i want it find me in gaiaonline and my user is The_Alice_Cullen32 ok just send me a pm soo we can talk about her k i maybe be on rally or somewhere eales k i love miku ya gooooooood miku

  • bye i love miku and the song preformed by the twins butter fly on my right shoulder good 2

  • Zak Allen

    Im just starting out as a miku fan and have downloaded multiple video’s and really love it. All i want though is a website that can tell me her story, like who her friends are and stuff. tell me if you got one.

  • jade foltz of america

    i love hatsune miku for now and forever hers my email if you agree dragon.foltz3@gmail.com

  • Zak Allen

    Hey i have been watching the vanishment/disappearance of Hatsune Miku and im just wondering if thats a real thing? is she gone? is she done singing and making new songs? I just wanna know if she was deleted or something because thats what the video is about.I MUST KNOWWWWWW!!!!!!

  • Mashita

    I’m from Japan and I mostly speak japanese so I
    know what Miku is saying. I LUV to watch her videos!!!
    Fave Manga/anime character
    Akita Neru

  • Mashita
  • hi i love miku but i live in ca i wish she will come in sanjose plz come hatsune miku

  • hi i will be happy if ppl find me on gaia k im on now

  • hola soy adrian y amo hatsune miku

  • i am 12 and i just found out about hatsune miku jast a few months ago and i loooooovvvvvveeeeeeee caramelldansen and rturn to zero by len and rin yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (kiato is hhhooooooottttttt)

  • i live in dexter mo. i love anime it is my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • y dont they ever have a girl vocaliod that is multicolord hair i wish it could have one it would b kewl!!!!!!!!!!!