Hatsune Miku Products for Fans

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Many people have only just been finding out Hatsune Miku products are available worldwide. Yes, they do exist, and yes, they are easy to get! Some partner shops like Tokyo Otaku Mode and CDJapan carry some of the latest and greatest must-have Hatsune Miku items. This page will give you a simple overview of what is currently available and easy to get, no matter where you are located!

Hatsune Miku Software

Want to try the Hatsune Miku music software for yourself, and enter the Vocaloid world as a music creator? You can find Hatsune Miku’s V4X music software on CDJapan, which comes bundled with various vocal tones in English and Japanese, a vocal editor, and some of the necessary music software to help you get started right away!

Hatsune Miku T-Shirts & Calendars

You can find plenty of stylish Hatsune Miku T-shirts and calendars that can be purchased from just about anywhere in the world! New designs are releasing all the time, so check back often to see if there’s anything that catches your fancy!

Only 1 Miku T-shirt Hatsune Miku Calendars

Hatsune Miku Collectables

Looking for Hatsune Miku figures, tapestries, books and other collectables? You’ll find these and more from Tokyo Otaku Mode and CDJapan! If you’ve ever wanted to decorate your living space with the twintailed diva, now it’s easy. Just click the image below to see what’s available!


Hatsune Miku Concert DVDs and Blu-rays

As Hatsune Miku continues to rise in popularity, there has been a growing number of live concerts held in Japan, the U.S., Singapore, and many others! While not everyone can make the trip to see these events, you can still enjoy the action in the comfort of your own home! Since 2010, a number of these live performances have been made available on DVD or High-def Blu-ray! Cheer with the crowd as the virtual diva performs on stage with a spectacular display of music and dance.

hm_br mm_br

Hatsune Miku Albums

We clearly cannot forget what makes Hatsune Miku what she is. Her starring attraction, so to speak… The music! There is a vast selection of albums available from many various producers, and in a wide variety of styles to suit everyone’s tastes. Rock, Pop, Electronic, you name it! Take a look at some of our personal favorite picks below, or view a full selection of what’s available here.

Doriko Best 2008~2016 tfcc-86560 UMA-1047

What about other shops?

We’re not against the use of other shops! There’s other handy places like Amiami, Nippon Yasan, Hobby Search and more. Feel free to use them if you like! But if you feel like helping out our site, using the links above from our partners helps out greatly. Happy collecting~!

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  • hey does anyone know where i can get a miku costume? we have a show coming up and i need a costume…………..

  • hey does anyone know where i can get a miku costume?

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  • frankie

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  • Roy

    Hatsune miku!! Ur so awesome I’m still wondering if she is releasing new songs. Does she?

  • nomatsmo

    How I wish I could speak in Japanese.. Cheers to Miku from Canada

  • Andre

    Where can I get that T-shirt. I WANT IT D: please email me @ 18thmile@gmail.com

  • wow!! is there any miku glowing stick??

  • Francisco Valdez

    never disgrace hatsune miku with that porn -__- anyone add me on facebook just tell me that you like hatsune miku francisco61344@hotmail.com

  • nomatsmo

    I agree with Francisco. I mean, this is supposed to be a FAN page!!

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  • fishball

    lol but hatsune miku never give up

  • Brooklynn

    Finally a miku fanpage in english!!! Oh and btw do u know how much tickets cost to see her :p

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  • my fav songs is world is mine and cantarella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hatsune Miku is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she shuld play in utah, that would be so cool!!!!!!!!!!! me and my friend love hatsune miku !!!

  • aljon pobre

    will miku hatsune go to philippines

  • aljon pobre

    i wish miku hatsune will go here at manila on philippines

  • im one of hatsune miku’s biggest fan like im ganna dress up like her and dance to her music in a talent show i wuv hatsune miku!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anago595

    Hi, sorry for posting something that may be not so relevant here, but would appreciate people’s help in helping Miku and all Miku fans.

    Someone who doesn’t like Hatsune Miku getting popular is deleting her high ranked videos on YouTube with titles in English and many other languages, by making fake reports to YouTube that the videos are copyright infringements. No one knows who is doing this.

    The fact is, Crypton Future Media doesn’t prohibit posting up Miku song videos as long as they are not-for-profit.

    If any video any of you uploaded is deleted by a fake report, please submit a counter-notification to YouTube.

    To all Vocaloid fan, Let’s get her back. Let us save her from getting deleted from the video site. Thank you.

  • hannah

    Dose anyone know where I can get a cheap Miku wig I’m dressing like her for this thing at school and for halloween

  • Me llamo Cristina y me encanta miku hatsune i ove miku esta en mi xat asiesque meteros plis plis plis plis plis ^^

  • Kage

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  • Bacteria

    i think its not good to make doujin for miku because its will ruin her image

    if my english bad im sorry i am still learnimg

  • jesse elliott

    i agree. hentais are weird anyway… but a miku doujin (what ever a doujin means)… thats just a disgrace!!!!

  • where i can buy that Hatsune Miku Doujins and Porn?

  • I really wanna have that T-shirt and Onion Leek!!
    If only they were on sale in our country :”<

  • marvie

    .. where can i buy this cd ?

  • Tokyo1080

    I love Miku I can’t wait to import next project diva for ps3 in 2013

  • jazmine

    Is the any vocaloid products at walt disney world epcot(japan part)

  • Pasha838

    I like Hatsune Miku songs 🙂

  • ConcernedOtome

    I would just like to state that Hatsune Miku is not a real person to the poor souls posting here. She is a software product and thus she will never go away. To buy Miku means to buy her particular sound library released for the music synthesizer Vocaloid, version 2. She cannot perform in your country because she is not real but, someone can dress like her character and perform. As long as there is software for sale Miku will be alive and well. Also, a doujin is just a fanmade comic and does not necessarily have anything to do with hentai or porn.

  • @ConcernedOtome: According to that logic, Hatsune Miku couldn’t have had a performance here in the United States. But she did. And it wasn’t by someone dressed like her. The fact that she’s not real means quite the opposite. She can perform ANYWHERE.

  • ok long post MMD or miku miku dance is a 3d rendering program that people use to make
    most of these videos
    here is the link to where you can find the program

    as for miku relate stuff
    I will have to look that up when I have more on line time

    so here is some mmd link
    tho make sure all models have there own folder

    stage and add on props
    a collection of stuff mmd things

  • evona

    hatsune miku is awesome! me and my best friend love her so much! i live in america,but i would do anything ust to go to one of her concerts,she is amazing and beatiful and im happy the japanese were able to create her and the other vocaliods as well but hatsune will always be my favorite!!!!! 🙂 i <3 you miku!!

  • RawrImadinosaur

    hatsune miku is epic and for all u haters out there YOU SUCK!!!!! she is epic and she is better than anyone else you hear me miku fans am i right or am i right

  • evona

    i think of hatsune miku as a wonderful person real or not i have always loved anime it makes me happy i think me being a miku fan is a honor she is just so cute and adorable!!!!! i could go on and on about all the thinks i love about her she is very special to me i enjoy very much being one of her fans miku is absolutely amazing and no other singer or artist is better than her thank you japan i <3 you miku!!!!!!!!!!!! numberr one princess in the world!!! me and my bff love you!!! <3

  • VocaloidLover

    I love vocaloid!
    Miku’s one of my faverite
    But she stil can’t neat rin ^^

  • MikuFanNZ

    Does anyone know where i can find a BluRay for the live party and Concert of 39s final giving day, I can’t seem to find much information about it, Are they realising one? They should be right because they did for the 39s giving day before that.

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  • Marta-chan

    I’m Italian … and also sell Miku wigs 🙂
    I love Miku Hatsune 🙂

  • I love Hatsune Miku! <3
    Im cosplaying as her for anime-con again!

  • (´・ω・`)

    こんにちは みなさん(Hi everyone)
    わたしもハツネミクが好きです(I like Hatsune Miku too)

  • uriahwagner

    miku rocks

  • hi i love miku but how can u find a game with little miku and len and katio and neru?

  • @MikuHatsune: The Project Diva series for PSP, PS3 and PS Vita all have those characters. Although keep in mind that Neru is not a Vocaloid, she is a fanmade creation.