Sep 152015


Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone has been announced by SEGA and Sony today via the SCEJA stream. The news has been teased many times as SEGA has been showing interest in making a similar game to Project DIVA Arcade for home consoles since last year, as well as the poll held in April this year.

The teaser trailer was showcased at the event, and showed many familiar features from the arcade version such as the hold bonus and multiple buttons hold bonus. The game is set to release for sometime in 2016. Below are screenshots we’ve gathered from the stream, and reveal a brief moment of the gameplay.

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  • FeripeHatsune

    There was a “remote” possibility a release PC version…
    But I think it’ll never happen =)
    Time to buy a PS4

  • Azuki-kun

    I think I’ll stick to Project Diva X as I only have a Vita and I’m not planning on getting a PS4 yet (nor have the money for it haha) Would be cool if they release a PC version though

  • Rokuman Senpai


  • AgentSpork

    The wiki article for Project Diva Arcade shows a grand total of over 200 songs. Am I totally crazy to assume that this version would have the same available set of songs? I imagine SEGA could easily trim the on-disc song list down to 1/4th that size, and then start feeding people the rest as DLC.

  • jrharbort

    It would actually all fit on a blu-ray. You’d be surprised if I told you the size of the hard drives of the arcade units.

  • crazyhunter

    Unfortunately this wont be case also i remember reading that it will be digital only and it makes sense since the game is always expanding and releasing the game with all 200 would kill the arcade so maybe 30 songs to start and then releasing songs every week would make more sense that way

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  • jrharbort

    They have not announced that it would be “digital-only”.

  • Bryce Quintin
  • FeripeHatsune

    Signed!! =D

  • crazyhunter
  • jrharbort

    Which is actually quite different from what we heard. I watched the stream as well.

  • Jacky Fernando

    It’s okay if PS4 gets it.
    PC has Project Diva Arcade Future Tone simulator tho. Here’s gameplay of mine:
    ryo ft. Hatsune Miku – Odds & Ends [192 BPM] [Perfect] + Download link

  • Jacky Fernando

    Also look at this one if you want to
    [Project Diva Arcade Future Tone simulator for PC + Download Link]
    Hatsune Miku – Cat Food
    You could check more gameplay vids on my channel.