Jun 032017

Hatsune Miku and Hip-Hop/Rap? It’s a reality more real than you’d think in Big Boi’s recent song release “Kill Jill ft. Killer Mike, Jeezy”, which released on iTunes late last month. The official music video has finally landed on YouTube.

The song samples vocals from the popular Hatsune Miku song “DATA” by Aura Qualic, which is included in FL Studio installations. Because of this, DATA is arguably the most sampled and remixed Hatsune Miku song of all time.

We especially like the commitment to the inclusion of Hatsune Miku with the cosplayer seen towards the end of the video. Watch it below!

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  • Pak Konchoro Pereira


  • Ryozu

    It’s not all that uncommon for rappers to sample all kinds of obscure music for their backing tracks. But the video makes it really apparent that it wasn’t just a case of “Hey this sounds cool let’s use it.” Still, weird.

  • Gene Winert

    First verse. Weak as hell.
    Second verse. Slightly less bad
    Third verse. Absolute trash.
    Overall. Insulting to Miku. Crap song. Pls delete.

  • Liz ‘Grudge’ Evans

    i actually really like the song :O <3

  • Nicole

    I agree with what you said it’s very insulting to miku

  • Faux Pas

    Not really sure what to think. I really can’t stand rap, it’s not my thing. But Miku’s getting more attention. Then again I’m not sure it’s attention she should have.
    It reminds me of Pharrel Williams “Last Night, Good Night” remix from a few years ago. Not necessarily the best remix, but it shows that Miku is getting some notice from more mainstream music artists.
    Whether it’s good or bad, I can’t say quite yet.

  • Fruit salad

    Boo hoo i don’t like this song blah blah blah.
    Jesus Christ go build a bridge and get over it. You guys are literally like the Sonic Fanbase.

  • Gene Winert

    Lol I think the last thing I need to do with my time is take criticism from a fruit salad.

  • Justin Zhou

    Exactly my thoughts

  • wafflestomp31

    Overall, not too bad. I have heard worse samplings and remixes of Miku stuff. At least these killer Mike made an effort to keep the flow along with the sampling from data. And the delay on it was a nice touch. The cosplayer at the end was kind of cute, but could have done better in posing. Held her eyes open wider, to give herself a younger looking face. With that being said. Not a fan of rape. But I listened to it all the way through, and you now know my opinion. Rip into it if you feel offended. I don’t care. Happy New year!