Oct 042013

Crypton V3 Miku bundle page.

Starting today, the English+Japanese bundle of Hatsune Miku’s V3 software is now available to buyers in North and South America via the Big Fish Audio website. The bundle price is set at $199.95 for a physical copy (no digital option available). The website previously launched Hatsune Miku’s English software in digital download for $149.95 USD on August 31st 2013, but is now also available in a physical format.

The bundle includes 5 Japanese voice banks (Original, Dark, Soft, Sweet and Solid), as well as English. You will also find Crypton’s own Piapro Studio (vocal editor) and Studio One (DAW w/ sounds+instruments) packages included.

You can find the product listing from here: http://www.bigfishaudio.com/detail.html?517936

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  • RogerDelmar


  • 39

    Is it available for europe anywhere?

  • @39: Only Hatsune Miku English is available in Europe through BestService, but I imagine the bundle will be available there soon as well.

  • Grey Otaku

    I inquired about this at Big Fish audio’s site, but never heard back from them. My understanding of the product (5 Japanese and 1 English voicebank in the one package) was the same as yours, but the product description at Big Fish only specified English, and now the link in your Post, which took me directly to the Bundle offer when I tried it earlier in the week, just takes you to their top page. Would you know anything more with regards to this offer? I’m thinking it might have been rescinded or something.

  • @Grey Otaku: That is very unusual that they decided to pull the listing. I’ll see if I can find out more. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Bernd

    I have found a test about the Hatsune Miku English http://bit.ly/1dMQQfI

  • This was a great referral. The lady that answered the phone was extremely polite, pulled my file quickly and said she would try to get it on a truck before the shipping company closed.

    I had placed an order with Crypton some time back, but they auto cancel the orders (due to western customer confusion.)

    AND shipped it to me in Canada for free (She said they feel it’s inconvenient to have to call them to place the order, so they like to do that).

    Thanks again JrH. Finally!