Dec 022016


It’s been a confusing 24 hours, but after some back and forth communication with official sources, we can finally confirm that the heavily spread “China Miku Project” is indeed a real thing!

An official poster board and fliers distributed at the currently on-going Miku Expo event in Shanghai advertise the website, which teases a Hatsune Miku V4 Chinese voicebank development (original image seen above). The website has since updated asking users to please wait for additional updates.

Confirmation comes from a quick briefing with Hiroyuki Itoh, Crypton Future Media’s CEO. We’re extremely sorry for the confusion!

Official web:

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  • Erick G. Ocampo

    Soon Miku will take over the world!!!

  • Miku Hatchune


  • barefootchuck

    太帅气了吧。。初音简直是称霸全球啊。。。 -> translation: way too awesome, Miku is gonna dominate the world.

  • Now if only they’d give Miku her own Chinese cartoon lol

  • PunkishVampire

    It has already happened! At least in my heart… Miku’s such a phenomenon and I absolutely love it! Can’t wait to hear her chinese voice!

  • v4 flower


  • barefootchuck

    That’d be awesome! Well soon we will have her voice available, i expect Tudou or Youku will have some fanmade stuff.

  • Connieish Nothungry Dunfeedmeh

    No, just no. I hate that Miku is still trying to be more popular when she’s already #1.
    Look here, there are tons or other Vocaloids and some of them are failures (Looking at you, Merli, Anon, Kanon, etc.)
    Just let Miku have her Japanese and English voicebanks. That’s it for me. We already have Luo TianYi, YueZheng Ling, YueZheng LongYa, YANHE, and Xin Hua.

  • Merli da memelord

    do you think she’ll have a new chinese design?

  • celestia luna

    and now you have star dust :O but i do agree i love miku but damn you dont need to cover every language there is miku what next spanish….. its just to much im like slowly not liking miku as much… i mean when i was a kid i only thought miku was the best but then when i got older i notice miku was a pig and taking all the fame for herself…. theres luka… and other vocaloids that really need love and miku expo 2016 people were mad cause supposedly luka stoled mikus spotlight… seriously there was like one song just for luka and the rest i love them all equally but to much miku