Feb 012012

Due to the large amount of messages being received over this, it’s certainly something that cannot be ignored.

Starting around 2 weeks ago, many Vocaloid and even UTAUloid YouTube videos started disappearing at an alarming rate due to claims by unknown (and false) copyright holders. The result of course is terminated videos, and even accounts. From the looks of how widespread the problem is, it is suspected that an organized group is behind the activity.

It shouldn’t be too much longer before YouTube shuts down the false claims, but there is something you can do if you or someone you know has been affected.

Users can file a counter-claim against the copyright by going to this page: http://support.google.com/youtube/bin/request.py?hlrm=ja&contact_type=copyright_counternotice

Most users should see their videos returned with view count, ratings, and comments within a couple weeks.

The video below is one of the more popular trending videos on the situation.



Someone is deleting high ranked Miku Hatsune (and other VOCALOID) videos by filing false reports that the videos are infringing copyright.
If your video is deleted by a false report, please submit a counter-notification:
In most cases, the videos will be restored in a few weeks with the views and comments in tact.
This video is free to reprint with translation.

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  • Nuglam

    I saw this a few days in the hatsuneMikuMiku blog, but I did not understand that it was not the seriousness of the matter.

    Who is behind all this?

  • The groups call themselves by the names “Media Interactive Inc” and “Sasajun”, although there may be others.

  • ????

    I agree with JRHARBORT, I was going to type that down but you beat me to it. Either way, I like your videos.

  • anonymous

    I dont know who they are but I’m sure they’re herp derp.

  • Guan Nian Tan

    I’m sure that someone will make payback

  • Tip- Miku

    I know about this, someone I know supports the “Miku removal” program.(I hate him for it) Yes, Jrharbort is right, sasajun is one of the programs that supports it also. There is a list that I made (that I will not show)that lists most of the programs that do this stuff. I help provide “Miku protection” for fellow users that has Miku videos. [Just a little hint- I do a small trick that gets copyright guys every time :)]

  • HatsuneMikuu

    SO we have to deal with a second dissapearnce again…

  • IheartmikuH

    That’s totally not fair, I love Miku Hatsune. What about the other vocaloids? Is it even legal that people can make up a group like that and delete fan made videos because they obviously hate Vocaloids? 🙁

  • Lokoookoi

    I think is lady gaga or justin babier or whatever it speel his name. They are behaind this ( sorry if my english sucks )

  • Nope, the whole thing was already handled by Crypton and Google.

  • hatsunemikulover

    will miku be ok

  • tityanya

    Anyone notice that this is happening again?