Apr 222017

If you wanted to make the trip to Hatsune Miku’s live performance at last night’s event at B.I.G. Carnival in Shanghai, but couldn’t quite make it, the live recording is officially available online via LETV!

We’d also like to apologize for a misreport by the B.I.G. event staff: Instead of featuring “at least 7 songs in Chinese”, Hatsune Miku performed 7 Japanese songs, and 1 Chinese song. It was the first live use of her V4 Chinese voice bank.

Check out the press release image gallery and the video from the player below, or click this link if the player doesn’t load: http://www.le.com/ptv/vplay/28990354.html

Music Setlist
1. World is Mine
2. Raspberry Monster
3. Two-Faced Lovers
4. Karakuri Pierrot
5. Satisfaction
6. 39
7. Uta ni Katachi wa Nai Keredo (Chinese ver.)
8. Tell Your World

Image Gallery

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  • Larxinostic

    Looks rad, especially the stage/lighting design geometry, and I would’ve liked the setlist – Satisfaction, 39 and, in particular, Tell Your World as a magnificent closer. Thanks for posting!

    Considering Seattle kicked off the NA tour on this date last year, and nothing’s announced by now for 2017, I’m beginning to strongly suspect a truncated or even nonexistent North American tour schedule. Or perhaps that’s already known, that the Vocaloids won’t be touring NA this year. Maybe it didn’t turn a profit so well.

  • Cheng Vang

    Beautiful!! Cannot wait to go to Miku’s next concert in the US whenever that may be. It has almost been a year already since the last. Overall song list was wonderful especially Satisfaction!

  • jrharbort

    I try not to speculate. I just roll with whatever comes our way.

  • Erick G. Ocampo

    The stage is amazing!! It’s like those we see in Project Diva games

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  • Ageless Anime

    Yeah. 🙁
    I’m not holding out a lot of hope for anything this year either.
    On the one hand, it’s a little bit surprising because with this being Miku’s tenth anniversary year, I’d have expected CFM to go all out in their campaign to bring their Vocaloids to the world.
    That being said, last year’s tour must have been a *massive* undertaking, and with CFM not exactly being the most forthcoming of corporate entities, we don’t know if they made enough money to warrant doing it again any time soon.
    The year’s still young though, so fingers crossed that there’s something in the works for we North American fans towards the end of the year. 🙂
    Maybe we’ll finally get a disk from *last* year’s tour. 🙂

  • 尻完璧な

    Fucking Flash, I thought when NicoNico started using HTML5 we could bury it forever, but nooooooo. Flash should have been dead for years

  • Ye Sun Kim

    The MIKU EXPO North American tour was first held in 2014 and then again in 2016, so i’m assuming it’s on an every-other-year schedule..meaning the next MIKU EXPO should be in 2018, probably. i think reception was pretty good both years, so it’ll surely happen again.