IA Receiving Her First “Live Performance” in Japan at Kamarock Festival 2012

Filed under: Concerts,Other Vocaloids — Written by jrharbort on Wednesday, October 31st, 2012 @ 1:29 am

Looks like IA is moving her way up pretty quick.

What are the signs that you have a successful Vocaloid product? Topping the top 30 charts on Nicovideo nearly every week since her release, being used at least once by many high ranking and well known producers, and a large adoring fanbase are just some examples of the feats that IA has accomplished. And she’s not even a year old yet. Now it seems like she’s already got her first “live performance” set for November 3rd at the Kamarock Festival, located at the Kamata Campus in Tokyo.

I say “live performance” in quotes, since it seems to be more of a public test of the students work. However, it is still a public entertainment display. The event was arranged with permission, and has been worked on by the campus students. They’ve created their own CG model and choreography, as well as prepared a special band to help “liven up the stage”, although I’m unsure if they will be playing with IA. The Vocaloid producer Jin has been announced as a special guest for this event.

That pretty much covers everything. But if you wish to see more about this event yourself, you can visit the event page here. A tumblr post with more info is also available here. Both pages are Japanese only, sorry!

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