Mar 132014

J-rock band BUMP OF CHICKEN has released their newest song, 「ray」 featuring Hatsune Miku, which is officially the first music video to record live band members while Hatusne Miku performs at the same time.

Crypton Future Media teamed up with the band to help their dream become a reality, bringing with them the knowledge of past concerts and Isao Tomita’s rendition of Ihatov Symphony. Toy’s Factory joined the team alongside famous producer Kz(livetune) to create the new 3D model of Miku, named “14 Model”, as well as produce the vocal track for the song.
The process of creating the music video was filled with new technical challenges and innovative ideas that broke new grounds in the world of Vocaloid and digital media alike. Hatsune Miku was set to dance on a uniquely designed cylindrical screen with an array of light-filtering screens and wireless transmitting sensors. The unique stage allowed automatic adjustments of the model’s position horizontally and vertically in real time, granting the film crew the ability to view Miku from several different angles while maintaining the focus on Miku.
A special CD + DVD package can be purchased for $28.34 or $31.06 for the limited edition version through Amazon Japan.
The song can also be purchased through iTunes for $2.43 through the Japanese store, but requires a Japanese account.
via BUMP OF CHICKEN, Toy’s factory, Piapro blog

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  • Samuel

    Hello Lawrence, good report, but why are you mentioning Tomita ? Do you mean they were adjusting Miku’s singing pace to one of the group members who had the lead ?
    As for the event itself it really great to see a notorious band use Miku this way. Though I’m a bit disappointed by the tuning forcing a very artificial voice on Miku when she could do far better. Becca and Yannez did the same in their duo with Miku, and I wondered if it wasn’t a ploy by their producer to clearly differentiate the virtual and the “real” idols. But I don’t see the point here.

  • Lawrence Elsa

    I mentioned it because they had developed a new screen that was thinner than their older ones, which was later adapted into this screen to minimize distortion.
    As for the voice, I feel that has more to do with how Toy’s Factory and Kz typically tune Miku, rather than it being anyone’s decision to distort her voice, but that is simply a guess.

    Thank you for your feedback!

  • Samuel

    Interesting, I wasn’t aware of a new kind of screen and though it was same good old Dilad. Do you have any sources about this screen stuff (even in Japanese I don’t care) ?

  • Samuel

    Nevermind, I just found out all the technical explanations on this video:
    Interesting to see that CFM is working hard to improve the existing tech 🙂