Nov 272016


In a recent meeting to celebrate Japan’s 160 years of friendship with France, Japan’s Prime Minister Abe stated that he hopes to expand Hatsune Miku’s reach globally.

Abe: I hope to broaden the introduction of Hatsune Miku, dance, concerts, manga, literature, anime, Japanese movie, etc.

The target event for these plans is Japonisme 2018, and he hopes to include manga, other literature and anime, but pointed out that recent culture within the country should be included. It was stressed that the “21st Century Whirlwind Japonisme” will be one of the highlight events leading to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to have the world take notice of Japan.

Not too incredibly surprising, considering Prime Minister Abe’s embracing of Japan’s pop culture. He even dressed as Super Mario during the 2016 Olympics closing ceremony.

Via TV Asahi

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  • Erick G. Ocampo

    Its amazing seeing how far Miku has come through over time, she started rather small but has gotten so big in popularity. I can’t wait to see Miku become well know across the world far more than she is now.

  • Claus Netrah
  • Freddy Meza Suarez

    this is extraordinary president Shinzō Abe

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  • TUD

    Take that, Beyonce. Miku can get noticed by the President, too.

  • QvQ7
    Hail her majesty

  • Samuel Leuenberger

    With the recent Kodo partnership, that’s one more point for the Miku at the Olympics opening hypothesis 🙂

  • Namjoon Cheddar

    ehheeehehehehehehehehehehehh this guy hheheehhehehehehe

  • barefootchuck

    Man, thats recognition right there!!

  • The Angry Otaku

    Cool news but I think Abe has some more significant issues to worry about.

  • PunkishVampire

    Miku opens up for the Olympics, that will be awesome!

  • OkamuraToshi

    well done, our prime minister

  • Yellow

    how fitting

  • Vlad Vs Enciu

    I wait hatsunr miku on Milan

  • crazyhunter

    Milking miku incoming

  • Claus Netrah
  • Connieish Nothungry Dunfeedmeh

    More Miku? Come on people, it’s time for another Vocaloid to take her spotlight.

  • jrharbort

    Haters always gonna hate.

  • Connieish Nothungry Dunfeedmeh

    Out of all vocaloids I dislike the crypton ones the most, especially with Miku.