Oct 012010

Most likely one of the best fan productions this year. Very high quality PV. Enjoy!

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  • Isamo

    not about the video but I was just at comic con and i attended the panel of Hatsu Miku. The Creators of Vocaloid have announced that If Hatsune Miku is liked on Face Book at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hatsune-Miku/10150149727825637?v=wall#!/pages/Hatsune-Miku/10150149727825637?v=wall
    the Hatsune Miku Vocaloid verzion software will be released in the U.S. However she will be singing in English if anyone wants to know

  • Isamo

    The amounts of likes and i kid u not must at least be 39,390 that was the exact number that they said is Miku must be liked

  • Braincheese

    I agree, this is an amazing PV. It reminds me of Final Fantasy. The song is just as cool as the graphics are. Win win.

  • This is the best video I seen of Luka.