Sep 062013

During our visit to the Los Angeles screening of the Magical Mirai delayed broadcast, MikuFan ran into the staff from Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi, the same people who also helped arrange the screening events in Los Angeles and New York.

We agreed to an interview, where you’ll hear us answer questions on MikuFan’s beginnings, our thoughts on the delayed broadcast, English Miku’s development and more. Watch the interview below!


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  • Faux Pas

    Excellent interview! I do hope English Miku improves from the nasally sound we’ve heard thus far. I’ve heard some amazing English covers using the V2 software (such as “My Heart Will Go On”).
    I also can’t believe I didn’t notice Lawrence’s awesome color coordination that day! I guess I was too excited from being at my first Miku concert and meeting fellow Vocaloid fans (^ ^).