Sep 192010 needs your help.

Hello Mikufans!

It has been a long while since this site has been last updated. There is a long story behind this, but let’s make it short! In a nutshell: The original owner of the domain has disappeared and does not seem to be having any plans of returning to this project. Therefore the domain is now under new ownership. Things have been cleaned up, updated and everything is online and running again.

By now Hatsune Miku has grown into such a popular and widespread character that running this site alone can be quite a big task. With the site back online, we are looking to get things running and keep you guys updated about the latest Hatsune Miku news as soon as possible. This is exactly where we need some help. Are you a hardcore Hatsune Miku fan? Do you keep up-to-date with Miku related news and gossip? If you think you got what it takes to write news for us, get in touch!

During the next few weeks we will be opening a Hatsune Miku fan forum. We will be looking for some moderators as well!

If you are interested, please get in touch and send a few lines about who you are and how you can help to the email address shown in the picture above.

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  • Sokishi

    I’ll join, I’m open for any job, I’m a hardcore fan, i collect figures,items,pictures basically anything to do with Miku.

  • i want to be a miku fan!!!!

  • sounds cool. i have always been a big fan of Miku. ill try to help. Go Miku!!!

  • Ssj4gokugirk

    Umm. I duno if I’ll b able to do this from an iPhone but I LOVE MIKU!(and dragon ball z:3)

  • Ssj4gokugirl

    Goku girl. Srry not girk:p

  • January 2009 to September 2009…. what happen between that months?

    Miku Giving Days 480p BDRIP re-encode.

    Is anyone can confirm this is already had good quality video?

  • i gots a question. How exactally do i join? lol i reall want to help. i can do almost any thing so sign me up.

  • BionicTenshi96

    I want to help!!! ^w^
    I’ll send a mail I hope I can help…

  • Velros Yurivarmi

    i love all songs performed by Miku
    go Miku go were here for your support

  • khumiko

    go miku ill help ^_^

  • This looks like my sort of thing.
    Email sent.

  • admin

    Thank you everyone for wanting to participate. We are now in the progress of sorting through things and will soon get back to you!

  • Erin

    I’ll help! I’m a huge japenese fan,but I’m an even bigger Miku fan!

  • takuya13

    welcome back online mikufan!… its bit late i know but i havent checked the site in agesss since there were no new updates.. haha! goodluck with everything and hope u guys can keep up the awesome work~

  • PJ

    Hello, Il keep my alias as PJ to not really say who I am.

    I myself am a hardcore miku fan who uses miku in alot of technologies.
    Im happy to announce that around december I will be doing vocaloid lasershows
    *primairly hatsune miku ones*
    I’ve done hatsune miku live at my home about more than a month ago
    *recreated at a smaller scale*

    I don’t have much time at the moment to post alot.
    But I sure am a huge miku fan.
    *My whole room is filled with miku stuff*

  • Girlfriend101

    I need to be one!
    im a fan of her
    me and all of u guys can be one!

  • Eugene

    If its not too late, I would love to participate 😀

  • Hi I am Your Biggest fan and i will help you what ever you need to me!!!

  • VYV1

    If you need an extra hand in some posting, just use the e-mail required for this comment, got nothing much to do anyways.

  • ThePandaJacky

    I will help, if you want.