Mar 202013

redialThe somewhat long-awaited full promotional video for kz(livetune)‘s song Redial has finally been uploaded for everyone to enjoy.

The music video comes off of as nothing less than what I can describe as colorful and cutely imaginative. Experience the magic of the video and music for yourself below. The credits for the video are as follows:

Music: kz(livetune)
Director: Takashi Murakami(Kaikai Kiki)
Key Animator, Character Design: mebae
Animation Production: Kaikai Kiki Sapporo STUDIO PONCOTAN
Choreographer: Ken Maeda
Concept design for musician’s studio : STAG
Costume design, background pattern for dance scenes: galaxxxy

Don’t forget, you can order your own copy of the album in CD and CD/DVD formats!


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  • Faux Pas

    I absolutely love it! The animation style is excellent. I can’t tell if the room is CG or real with CG enhancements. Definitely better than I expected (^ ^). Livetune always does great work!

  • vrr4141

    This design should be the new “template” for Miku in 2013 onwards, whether live concerts or games….

  • Testara

    Uhm.. how come the dvd version doesn’t have the re:dial music video? That would make a ton of sense, considering it’s the title song…