Jul 242013

A followup to my own earlier summary of the live stream event, more details are now known of what was announced during the press conference stream held by Crypton and Yamaha.

As mentioned before, several existing Vocaloid products are getting Mac-compatible releases. These Mac versions are denoted by the “NEO” branding in their title. This includes, and may not be limited to: Vocaloid Editor for Cubase (VocaCu), VY1V3, VY2V3, Mew, Zola Project and Aoki Lapis. A Mac-compatible installer for these products will be freely available to current Windows-based Vocaloid users.


Several details of Hatsune Miku V3 and English were revealed. The Japanese version and English version will be sold as separate products, but will come bundled with the same suites of editing and production software. Hatsune Miku English will also be sold internationally.

A slide shown by Hiroyuki Itoh leaked 6 different V3 Hatsune Miku voice banks: Original, Dark, Soft, Sweet, Solid and English. This may not be the finalized list, but it seems likely that a couple of the least popular Appends from Hatsune Miku V2 (Light and Vivid) were dropped. Full details of the products, including pricing and availability, will come sometime in early August.

Crypton also touched on the topic of Meiko V3, confirming that she will also be bundled with a full suite of editing and production software, as well as have a Mac-compatible installer upon release. They also plan to have a Mac installer available for Kaito V3, along with all of their other existing Vocaloid products.


Crypton announced the revamped product page on their website, and they plan to open a “Crypton Channel” on Nicovideo (probably similar to their existing YouTube Channel?). There will also be an upcoming Piapro collaboration this weekend that will be aimed at fans outside of Japan, so stay tuned for that announcement. Lastly, they are working on an new project aimed at creators, the details of which is currently unrevealed.

Thank you to Hightrancesea at Vocaloidism for his more detailed report. Be sure to read it if you want a few laughs.

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  • Eva Bloodnight

    so the English voicebank will be in a single package, ok but will there be other English voicebanks with it?

  • @Eva Bloodnight: I highly doubt it. It looks like the English VB will be a single voice bank.

  • Eva Bloodnight

    will the Japanese voicebank and appends also work on the Piapro Studio? srry if i ask lots of questions just really excited about miku V3

  • @Eva: Considering the Japanese voice bank (which will also include the “appends”, although that’s no longer the appropriate name for them since they’re now included in the same software) will ship with Piapro Studio included, the answer is “yes”.

  • Eva Bloodnight

    ok i promise this is my last question, will the Piapro Studio also be available to be in english? i looked for a tutorial and found something of the studio in the Crypton Future Media youtube page but could not understand it.

  • Automatic translations of program menus through system locale has been a standard on the Vocaloid Editor since the start of the Vocaloid3 generation. So yes, Piapro Studio will also be available in an English interface.

  • Eva Bloodnight

    just to complete my questions for the Piapro Studio, the Japanese voicebanks will work and be included with a piapro studio?