Musical Instrument From Classic “Innocence” 3DPV Recreated in Real Life

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If you’ve been following Vocaloid music long enough (or dug deep enough), then some of you may remember the popular classic 3DPV for the song “Innocence”, which was created in 2008 using 3DCG software other than MikuMikuDance. One interesting aspect of the video was how Hatsune Miku was using a sort of touch screen synthesizer, held like a guitar.

The design inpired many artists to create various fan art, including Tripshots. The instrument is simply known as the “unknown music device” or “that instrument”. Below is the original 3DPV, where the instrument can be seen.

A Vocaloid fan and creator named Ma Shigure on Nicovideo has recreated the instrument in real life. In the video, Shigure shows the creation process, which used components that are freely available on the market, should anyone else also be interested in creating one. It is the first self-contained replica to offer completely dynamic output, instead of pre-programmed functions. Pretty amazing replica, I think.

The demo video below uses the instrumental for “Innocence”. The on-vocal and off-vocal versions can both be downloaded for free from KazuP’s Piapro.

Via Mikustream

Racing Miku 2014 Ver. Scale Figure and Sandmaster Racing Miku 2014 Ver. Preorders Open

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The previously showcased Racing Miku 2014 version scaled figure has been opened for preorders starting today (August 26th), and will remain open on Good Smile Company’s online shop until September 24th at 9:00 PM JST. The MSRP is set at 10,800 Yen ($104 USD), and has an expected shipment date of April 2015. The figure is also available via CDJapan and Amiami.

The surprising reveal today, however, was the launch of preorders for the Sandmaster Racing Miku 2014 version RC car. This specially decorated version of the Sandmaster will include a non-articulating figure of the 2014 Racing Miku nendoroid, and the frame was adjusted to allow the figure to fit inside. As it was designed for use with the Sandmaster, the bottom half of the Nendoroid will not be included.

Prorders for the Sandmaster will be open until September 17th at 9:00 JST, and it has a price of 27,864 Yen ($269 USD). It is available only from Good Smile Company’s online shop for now, although more options may become available later. The expected release is sometime in December 2014.

Theme Song For Hatsune Miku Expo in LA & NY Released, New English Voice Bank Development Confirmed

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Released today is the all new theme song for Miku Expo in Los Angeles, titled “Sharing The World” by BIGHEAD, a new music project/circle by ELEKI.

The song is “about reaching out to each other through creation, with Hatsune Miku bringing together people all over the world in a common feeling of positivity”.

The description of the video also tells us that it’s using a new voice bank, a beta for a second version of Hatsune Miku V3 English. Is it just me, or does she sound a little higher in tone? Give it a listen below! And don’t miss out on Miku Expo in Los Angeles and New York this October.

CDJapan Hatsune Miku Birthday Special: Earn 10% Extra Points on CDs, Blu-Rays DVDs and Books

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It seems that KarenT isn’t the only one offering up Vocaloid music on a special offer. CDJapan is also offering a special campaign on qualifying Vocaloid albums, books, DVD’s and Blu-Rays.

Until September 1st, all qualifying Vocaloid goods will earn you an additional 10% points back on your purchase, which can be used towards the purchase of future products. They can even be used on figures and accessory items, goods you may not have known they offered.

There’s only 7 days left, so don’t miss out! Check out the campaign page here.

Via Vocaloid Reddit

Greatest Idol by Mitchie M
Miku Color by KEI
Mikupa in Kansai 2013

KarenT Releases Hatsune Miku 7th Anniversary Celebration Albums

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In celebration of Hatsune Miku’s upcoming 7th anniversary, Crypton Future Media’s KarenT label has launched a special set of 13 albums, along with two free high resolution wallpapers illustrated by Nidy-2D-.

My personal favorite picks go to the albums by Tilt-Six, Colate and P,’,Rhythmatiq, but feel free to check out the previews for yourself on KarenT, or from the video below.

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