Nov 052008

vocaloid ufo catcher0Nick has just sent in the news about the Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin Ufo catchers currently appearing in Akihabara. Had no luck preordering a figure and don’t wanna fall for the bootleg ones on eBay? Now is your chance to still get one of the extra figures. If you are anywhere near, head over to the 4 massive UFO catchers right infront of the Sega World Tower in Akihabara, Tokyo and try your luck!

It’s so big you can’t miss it! Click the thumbnail to enlarge view, one more detail picture can be found here.

Once again thanks to Nick for sending this in and taking the pictures! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

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  • Nick

    These machines sure are popular right now! As with the ipod, PSP, NDS and other premium machines, these are far too tricky for anyone but the brave and hardcore.

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  • *cries* oh how I wish I was able to try these out. I’d be there once a day until I got them :X

  • Vness

    Looking at that claw just made me cringe. I heard that those are ridiculously hard to beat. You’d have to be really dedicated to get the prize you want. That thing would question how much of a Vocaloid, mainly Miku, fan I really am.

  • I managed to get the Rin figure from a convention, although I had to pay quite a bit for it.

  • zenonia

    there an outfit of HATSUNE MIKU on ps home jpn account that many ppl want to have,and hope some day it will come to ps home (EU) ^^

  • khumiko

    oh i wish the miku crane is available worldwide not only in japan T^T